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Paid Livejournal is no more

My paid livejournal account expired about a week ago, and as of now, I have decided that I don’t need to renew it. One of the big losses, although I am sure some people won’t see it this way is that I cannot have my twitter feed auto post into my LJ now. Now that I am switching to using my self hosted WordPress as my primary posting method, it just didn’t make sense to put money into features that I am not using.

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Back from hiatus with a new look

So, I apparently decided to take the month of March as a hiatus. I was a tad busy with my birthday, closing on my house, taking a 2 day defensive pistol course, and moving into said new house. Also added in the mix was, my web host getting sold to another company and my server being unavailable for editing for 2 weeks. Granted this was a pain, but there was a nice plus side in that the new host actually has updated MySQL so I was able to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress which is a pleasant change to what I had before.

Here are the rest of the cliff notes that I should expound on some in the future.

Got my new camera lens and flash that both kick ass.
Went to MTAC to help handle for R2 and Chris Lee by taking pictures of his panels etc.
Dealt with the end of BSG.
Got HDTV and DVR for the first time.

That is about it. I really need to post pictures and details of most of these things, and expect people to nag me if I don’t.

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Writing from the iPhone

Well I am close to having my WP all set up how I would like it. I still need to populate the list on links on the side list and do a few other tweaks here and there. After I am done doing that, I really need to either remake my main page, or just use the wordpress to do my entire site. I am also in debate about what to do with my Livejournal when the paid account expires in April. I think that it will probably just go back to a free account and use the WP as my primary outlet.

On a completely unrelated note, I love watching Serenity and seeing the BSG reaver fleet. It is an extra shot of geek that never gets old.

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With LJ recently laying off some of their staff, I, like many others, realized that I should probably back up my LJ, while at the same time looked for other options of keeping up these ramblings in the future. I decided that it was time to use my domain for more than my photo gallery and setup wordpress on it. I found a nice little tool that will crosspost to LJ as well, so that way I can still post to LJ as well.

I still have quite a bit to do to make the blog site have a look that I like, but that will come with time. I need to revamp my main domain site as well.

Current Music: Dexter Season 2, episode 11

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