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The Wii hunt and Twitter

I had a fun weekend. and I were at Best Buy on Saturday and learned that they had 21 Wii in the store, but could not sell them until Sunday. Jess decided that she was going to get one, so I said that I would go to the store and wait with her the next morning. We got there at 8:30 and the store opened at 11, but we were the first in line. I became the line coordinator assigning numbers to people as they came to wait. It was a pleasant line experience, and I think I found a way to make money in the future. Go to stores on big release days and manage the line for a gift card. I could see many store managers that would probably go for something like that, as they wouldn’t have to use their staff for it. We go the Wii setup and played for quite a while. I was able to borrow Rayman Raving Rabbids from a friend for her to try out, and I believe that she has decided to buy a copy.

In other news, I made a twitter account today. You can find it at


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