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Who needs Transformers, when your vehicles rebel on their own?

I have had the worst luck with vehicles over the past few weeks. All of this started when I was backed into on the motorcycle. I just got the quote from the dealer yesterday, and the total damage was just over 1800 dollars, which does not include the 250 dollar helmet replacement. I am waiting on insurance company of the guy who hit me to do what they need to in order to pay for repairing the damages.

On Thursday, I was on my way out to the monthly Harley Owner’s Group meeting, and I stopped in a parking lot to check the directions of where I was going. I went to start back up my bike, and there was no response. I had to call roadside assistance and get the bike towed back to my house. I tried starting it the next morning just to see, and when I turned the key the power came on, so I hit the run button, and I could hear it fueling the lines. I hit start and sparks flew out the left side of the bike. This is never a good thing for any engine. I went to the dealer that day and got a battery charger/tender and also stopped and bought all new fuses. It turns out that the wiring harness for my heated gloves had some how grounded itself and caused the power to arc. I removed it, and then installed the new fuses, and the bike started right up.

Elapse to Saturday. It was a great day and Todd, Jackson and I set out to visit some dealerships etc, and then we were going to go on a nice long ride. After we are done visiting the dealers, we were going to stop to grab a drink, and Jackson notices a screw in my rear tire. I got to go back to the dealership, and get my tire replaced.

On to Sunday. I go out on a nice ride in the morning, and then get home and need to go get gas for the lawnmower. I get in my old jeep that my mom left at my house while she is on a cruise and head to the gas station at the front of the neighborhood. I fill up my gas can, and then try to start the jeep, and there is no response. I push the jeep away from the pump and then walk home in the 91 degree heat carrying a 3 gallon gas can. Joy. I went and got a new battery for the jeep yesterday and that seemed to correct the problem.

I cannot figure out what I did to make all vehicles rebel against me, but I really hope that my spell of issues has passed.

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WTF gas

The gas station close to my house is at 3.35 per gallon. I swear it was at 3.27 yesterday. What in the hell makes gas go up by 8 cents per gallon overnight?

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Quinn is about to get a new pair of shoes

I have been researching all things Harley at work, and I came across a big active HD forum. I love this forum already. Within a couple of days, through the classified listings, I have saved approx 250 dollars already on accessories for Quinn. The one that I am most excited about is the chrome forward controls that I should be getting by the beginning of next week. It will be nice to have a stretched our ride. There aren’t too many more things that I want to add before Quinn will be finished.

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From Bonnie-Chan to Quinn

Well as my last couple of picture updates have noted, I traded in Bonnie Chan for a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200L, who is now known as Quinn. I do not regret my decision at all. This is something that I planned to do since about a week after I took my motorcycle license class. I realized that I should have purchased a motorcycle instead of a scooter then, but it was too new to trade back in for a bike. I had to wait a while in order to make the trade, and last week I was able to work it out. It was quite a change going from a 1 gear 250cc engine to a 5 speed 1200 cc engine, but I have adapted to the change rather well if I do say so myself. It will be quite a while before I am at a point where I will take a passenger out on it, but I am much happier with the motorcycle.

I am running into the part now where that I need to decide what all accessories that I need to add to the bike. Some of the ones that are at the top of the list are forward controls, which allow for a more stretched out riding position, engine guards, which help protect the engine if you drop the bike, saddle bags, to carry crap, and a sissy bar, to be used to add a touring bag to, or give a passenger something to lean back against. I have a spreadsheet already figured out with costs and options to budget out when I think I can make the additions to the bike. I also plan on listing some stuff on ebay soon to help with my bike accessory purchasing. I think one of the first things to go will be my Starship Troopers jumpball suit. I should easily be able to add forward controls from it, or possibly saddle bags.

A couple of my coworkers ride now, and there are a couple more who are about to buy bikes, so that will be nice to have a group of people to ride with. I am ready for it to not be raining every frakking day during the week so that I can ride more though. I am not quite ready to be riding around in the rain. I still need to get used to that extra torque first. Here is a better picture of Quinn than the one I posted from my phone.

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The best moving Truck ever

When I was in Atlanta this weekend, I helped
move. Everyone had their cars loaded up, and he said the truck will be
here in a couple of minutes for the furniture. This is what showed up.
Best moving truck ever. What you can’t see is that it had a trailer on
the back of it as well.


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