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Final Fairy Photo

This is probably the last photo that I will end up posting from the fairy photo shoot. The weather didn’t cooperate on the day of the shoot, and we got stopped due to rain more than one time. When we moved to a second location, Danielle and I got there and got out and started shooting before the rain started back, so in turn, we missed the text saying that everyone else was calling it a day. We went down the trail by the lake, and of course, that is when it started to pour. I had the waterproof cover on my camera, so we just kept shooting as the rain came down. We both realized that we weren’t going to get any wetter, so Danielle just decided to go into the lake. I got a few shots from the bank, but I just couldn’t get the right angle, so I said to hell with it and went into the lake myself. My shoes were already drenched as it was. I really like how these shots turned out with the large rain drops hitting the water. I definitely want to go back to this same spot and experiment more with the photo subject being in the water.

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