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I Saw the Signs

As I said in my last post, I did decide to venture out to the tax day tea party in Franklin yesterday evening. I got there right as it was getting started, and had a bit of trouble finding somewhere to park, which for an event like this, is a good problem to have. The square in Franklin has a traffic roundabout, which I was surprised to see what open. Franklin closes down the square every other week for something it seems. The nice thing about the roundabout being open was the fact that people were able to honk in support of the gathering as they drove by.

The event had some local radio personalities, as well as the organizer of the event that had been in downtown Nashville earlier in the day and special guest Representative Marsha Blackburn. They tied in gathering food for a local shelter, something that I will venture to say is rare at most protests. The estimates that I am hearing for Franklin are easily over 2000 in attendance. I have seen some estimates of higher numbers, but I figure 2000 is a good median number to go with. The attendees ranged from children in strollers, to entire families, including the family dog.

The PA was at max volume, but unfortunately that was not loud enough for most of the crowd to be able to hear the speakers, but that did not deter people from clapping and showing their support as they waved their signs. Everyone was peaceful, and folks even stayed at the end to be sure that there was not trash left where the gathering had taken place.

Earlier I was reading Jessica’s post about all of these hate signs that were supposedly at all of these rallies. I took about 90 pictures, and I saw some signs that expressed anger at the way things have been done, but no signs calling Obama Hitler or anything of that ilk. Most of the signs were creative, yet to the point. Here are a couple of samples of the signs I saw.

The rest of the pictures can be seen via the galleries link on the left.

So what’s next? The vibe I got when speaking to some of the people in the crowd is that this is just the beginning of people getting involved. The website seems like it is going to be the local resource for getting people involved. This is specific to the state of TN, and I encourage people to go and sign up. From what I have seen online today, it looks like July 4th will be the next gathering against overzealous spending and a government that cares about itself, and not about the people it should be representing.

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