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Finally back to normal…I think

Well it seems that by taking all of the medicine I was told to, and being a quasi hobbit for a while, I am finally well for the most part. I still can’t hear fully, but the cough and runny nose are gone. I am not going to lie, I hate being sick, and am glad that this seems to be gone. I ended up having to use 3 days of PTO because of it, and I hate using PTO when I am not having a good time. Add to that, having to miss Chattacon and this whole experience has been very unpleasant.

In other new, I just used probably half a pens worth of ink signing all of my loan paperwork. My closing date is set for March 18th, so the big help Derek move extravaganza will be March 28-29. I am planning on making many trips with small stuff before then, but that will be the weekend for the big furniture etc. Please add this to your calendars. I know that I have helped most everyone I know in Nashville move at least once, so now is the time to return the favor.

LOST is simply LOST. That is about all that I have to say about that.

I am trying to learn some XML scripting, and I have to say it is one of the most boring topics to read ever. If anyone has any suggestions of learning resources, please pass them along.

Current Music: The end of LOST

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Back to Work, but not completely healed

Well I am back at work today. I woke up feeling ok, but as the day has progressed, my cough is starting to return. I still have a few days of taking these meds left, so hopefully they will continue to rid me of the plague. I am no longer taking tomorrow off as I had scheduled back in November. I don’t want to burn another day, and normally Fridays are pretty slow.

Now that I am not going to Chattacon, I have come to the odd realization, that I have no plans for the weekend whatsoever. There is a sale at the HD dealer, so I might go see if there is anything that I can snag at a good deal, but other than that, I will probably spend it at home, fighting off the remains of the funk.  There is a HOG event on Saturday night at a restaurant downtown, and as fun as it would be, I hate having to park downtown, especially on a weekend, so I might just have to sit this one out.

Current Music: The sound of my wheezing

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