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Beware of Reverse Lights

This last week was the Tennessee State HOG Rally in Murfreesboro, TN. This was my first motorcycle rally to attend, and it was fun. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but events like that never are when you are staying at your own place. I finally made it to Lynchburg on my bike, but didn’t have time to do the tour of the Jack factory, so I will just have to go back.

The big highlight of the time, if you can call it that, is when I was hit by a full size wheelchair accessible van. Here is the kicker though, the van was backing down the exit ramp of the interstate when they hit me. Yes, you read that correctly, the van was backing down a one lane, one way interstate exit ramp. I was sitting there with a little over a cars length to the van, and was wondering why the van was taking so long to turn, and then i saw the reverse lights turn on. I started honking and trying to walk backwards as quick as I could, but a full size van on a down hill in reverse, I just couldn’t make it work. He hit my bike and I jumped off to the right to avoid getting hit myself, resulting in a barrel roll. I was on my feet within seconds and up at his passenger window to make sure he didn’t have plans of driving off.

Needless to say, the whole thing could have been much worse. I called a state trooper and insurance company etc. I am taking my bike to the dealership this week for the insurance agent to look at and to get the bike checked for any potential frame damage. My pipes, highway bars, highway pegs and controls on the right side of the bike will all definitely have to be replaced. The highway bars did protect the tank from hitting the ground, which made them worth the money. My helmet did hit the ground when I rolled out of the way, so it will have to be replaced as well.

I don’t recall anyone warning of cars backing down a one lane interstate off ramp in my motorcycle training class, but I have definitely decided that I need to leave more than a cars length of space whenever I stop.

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