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The Search for Eagles 2012 Edition

Well this past weekend, I once again took a trip to Reelfoot lake accompanied by Chase in search of photos of the the bald eagles that winter at the lake. We didn’t go the route of hiring a guide this year, but instead opted to see what we could find by driving around, as we had decent success with that strategy last year. We made a few changes in preparation such as my borrowing of a family member’s Jeep Rubicon so that we could have the top open for better visibility and the option of shooting easily from inside the car. We both had 500 F4 lenses with 1.4 teleconverters on them, and then I also had a 70-200 on my second body. We spent about 12 hours out shooting on Saturday, and ended up shooting until the sun went down on Sunday even though we both had a couple of hour drive ahead of us. I did have quite a scare on Saturday when somehow my 7D unattached itself from the 500 and fell onto a concrete sidewalk. Luckily the camera landed on the corner of the battery grip and the body was saved. It is cracked in 4 places, and now covered in gaffers tape, but it continued to work for the rest of the weekend.

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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