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I thought the debate was interesting to watch. My mind has been made up for a while, and this did not change anything, but I have a feeling it will have quite a few people take another look at who they will vote for on the 4th.

For those who have known me for a while, you will notice the lack of political talk by me on the internet. I just don’t feel like getting into it with friends. I know that my political views differ from many of my friends, and getting in heated arguments over things that we really can’t change at our level isn’t worth it.

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Up early today

I actually woke up at my first alarm today instead of my 3rd as is the normal situation. I have been watching the news and catching up with the internet this morning and it is pretty nice to take a chance to do that. I have slacked in following all of the primaries coverage recently and I am having to play catch up. I am pretty sure where my vote will fall on February 5th, but it is nice to follow what is happening in the rest of the nation.

I really try to avoid talking politics at work, as it was before, most of my coworkers seem to follow the opposite party from me, and that is never fun. I do find it funny that people were holding up signs and yelling iron my shirts at Hillary. That is great. Her “tears” yesterday were rather funny too. I wish I could tear up on command like that.

I do find the whole primary fiasco to be rather ridiculous. I understand the need for candidates to campaign, but this is ridiculous. If half of the country can do their primary voting on the same day, must all of this be that necessary?

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