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I Saw the Signs

As I said in my last post, I did decide to venture out to the tax day tea party in Franklin yesterday evening. I got there right as it was getting started, and had a bit of trouble finding somewhere to park, which for an event like this, is a good problem to have. The square in Franklin has a traffic roundabout, which I was surprised to see what open. Franklin closes down the square every other week for something it seems. The nice thing about the roundabout being open was the fact that people were able to honk in support of the gathering as they drove by.

The event had some local radio personalities, as well as the organizer of the event that had been in downtown Nashville earlier in the day and special guest Representative Marsha Blackburn. They tied in gathering food for a local shelter, something that I will venture to say is rare at most protests. The estimates that I am hearing for Franklin are easily over 2000 in attendance. I have seen some estimates of higher numbers, but I figure 2000 is a good median number to go with. The attendees ranged from children in strollers, to entire families, including the family dog.

The PA was at max volume, but unfortunately that was not loud enough for most of the crowd to be able to hear the speakers, but that did not deter people from clapping and showing their support as they waved their signs. Everyone was peaceful, and folks even stayed at the end to be sure that there was not trash left where the gathering had taken place.

Earlier I was reading Jessica’s post about all of these hate signs that were supposedly at all of these rallies. I took about 90 pictures, and I saw some signs that expressed anger at the way things have been done, but no signs calling Obama Hitler or anything of that ilk. Most of the signs were creative, yet to the point. Here are a couple of samples of the signs I saw.

The rest of the pictures can be seen via the galleries link on the left.

So what’s next? The vibe I got when speaking to some of the people in the crowd is that this is just the beginning of people getting involved. The website seems like it is going to be the local resource for getting people involved. This is specific to the state of TN, and I encourage people to go and sign up. From what I have seen online today, it looks like July 4th will be the next gathering against overzealous spending and a government that cares about itself, and not about the people it should be representing.

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A spot of tea seems to be in order

I have decided that I am going to participate in the nationwide tea party movement tomorrow by attending the one that is in Franklin, TN at 6:00 pm. I don’t think that I am going to make a sign or anything like that, but I do plan on having the camera in tow to try and get some pictures of the event.

For those not familiar, here is a little background on the tea party events that have been going on around the country from the website

Tax Day Tea Party

The Tax Day Tea Party is a national collaborative grassroots effort organized by Smart Girl Politics, Top Conservatives on Twitter, the DontGo Movement and many other online groups/coalitions.

The Tea Party protests, in their current form, began in early 2009 when Rick Santelli, the On Air Editor for CNBC, set out on a rant to expose the bankrupt liberal agenda of the White House Administration and Congress. Specifically, the flawed “Stimulus Bill” and pork filled budget.

During Rick’s rant (see video below), he called for a “Chicago tea Party” where advocates of the free-market system could join in a protest against out of control government spending.

A few days later, grassroots activists and average Joe Americans began organizing what would soon become the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party effort.

On February 27th, an estimated 30,000 Americans took to the street in 40+ cities across the country in the first nationwide “Tea Party” protest.

Organizers of the February 27th events pledged to continue on with an even bigger and better protest to follow the first. With April 15th being “Tax Day”, it was decided to schedule the second round of Tea Party protests to ride alongside the tax deadline.

And with that, the “Tax Day Tea Party”, the second round of the Nationwide Tea Party protests, moved into reality.

I agree that it is ridiculous that in our country today, the responsible people are the ones who are screwed at every turn. There are so many people asking for handouts, and the bill for these handouts falls to responsible tax paying Americans. Many people feel entitled to free money and help, and for what? Have they worked in order to deserve these things? I know that anyone can fall on hard times, but that is when you tighten the belt and work your ass off to get back into the black. You don’t sit around and hope for someone to come and give you a unicorn and a rainbow. My dad is an offshore engineer. When the oil market took a dump in the 80s, times were rough. He worked the night shift at the corner gas station in addition to his regular job in order to keep the family afloat.

As long as you are breathing, there is a way to make things work. It might suck for a while, and you might have to sell your nice car and tv. You might need to go from filet mignon, to beefaroni, and caviar to carryout. Your standard of living will change, but that should be motivation to work harder and vow to return to the higher standard once you can afford it.

Hopefully these tea parties will be a wake up call that honest hard working people are sick of carrying the slack for others. If nothing else, it is a good springboard for getting people ready for the 2010 elections, when it will be time to start regaining some lost ground in Congress.

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I feel violated

I was made aware today on a forum that I am on, that the Memphis Commerical appeal has decided that they need to publish their own database of handgun carry permit holders, along with their city, state, zipcode, birthday, and apparently up until recently, street name. It is true that these are indeed public records, but only do to the actions of former speaker Jimmy Naifeh. Most any 2nd ammendment related bill never even made it to a vote in TN. They were pretty much all killed in commitee. Thanks to this, now some of the most law abiding citizens in the state of Tennessee have their private information available from a search form. With the trend of identity theft these days, this is very troubling to me.

This is just a prime example of how partisan government is a bad thing. In this case though, the law abiding citizens of TN have decided to do their part to quell this abomination. I encourage everyone to use some of the following information to contact the involved parties to get this removed. Even if you do not live in TN, I encourage you to contact these parties as well. It is just a matter of time before this could happen in your state as well.

The Commercial Appeal
495 Union Ave.
Memphis, TN, 38103

ublisher link-


For your enjoyment, using, here’s the managing staff of the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Name Job Home Address City,State,Zip

Joseph Pepe president and publisher 3195 Wetherby Cv S Germantown, TN 38139

Steve Tomb VP of Operations 1846 Wildcreek Cv Collierville, TN 38017

Chris Peck editor 21 Belleair Dr Memphis, TN 38104

Otis Sanford editor/opinion & editorials 3396 Park Ave Memphis, TN 38111

Eric Janssen VP of Digital Media 8996 Stratfield Cv Germantown, TN 38139

Scott Sines managing editor 2136 Wentworth Ln Germantown, TN 38139

Daniel Moehle VP/Chief Financial Officer 3172 Devonshire Way Germantown, TN 38139

Karl Wurzbach VP of Sales and Marketing 3098 Bentwood Run Dr Collierville, TN 38017

Robert Jiranek VP of New Business Development 175 Waring Rd Memphis, TN 38117

Bob Pinarski Advertising director 3961 Herons Landing Ln Arlington, TN 38002

Denise Holman Manager of Classified Advertising 720 Litty Ct 103 Memphis, TN 38103

Paul Jewell Marketing director 1439 Vance Ave Memphis, TN 38104
Take some time and fire up the word processor and grab your roll of stamps and send them letters at home. It is too easy for them to be overlooked when sent to a company address.

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Oh to wake up at 4:30 for no reason

As the title says, I woke up at 4:30 on the dot today, and had no ability to go back to sleep. I hate waking up like this. At least it isn’t as bad as waking up about 5 minutes before the alarm is going to go off. At least I guess this now allows me to post an update, as it is really too early to start getting ready for work.

It is supposed to get up to 60 degrees today. It looks like riding the bike into work will be happening. Tomorrow, it is supposed to get to almost 70 degrees. I am not really sure where I will be riding to, but I intend to get out on the bike and head somewhere.

I have come to the realization that the more I watch and follow the news, politics etc, the angrier it makes me. I see all of these news stories on a variety of topics and I just hate seeing the stupidity that is rampant all around. For example, just now on the news they were talking about the USS Cole bombing trial being stopped and the charges dismissed. They just had the Commander of the Cole on when it was bombed. 17 dead, and 37 wounded that day. The govt knows who it was, and was in the process of the military trial, and now all of the 8 years or process that have happened are for nothing.

Another story is that anyone who gets arrested for anything having to give DNA. Now this is very interesting to me. This is essentially the start of an Orwellian future. I am all for criminals getting caught and justice served for their crime, but the way that this is being presented, if you are arrested for anything, you would have to give DNA. We live in a society of innocent until proven guilty, and this would change that system to one of innocent, but possibly guilty in the future. It reminds me of Minority Report. Now if the sample was taken after a conviction, then I would be fine with that.

These are just examples from this mornings news. There are so many more that I come across throughout the day, and it just pisses me off. This “Stimulus aka Lets waste money on everything that we can possibly think of and say it is a dire emergency if it isnt passed now” is the worst. If you go through and read all of the crap that is in this, then you pretty much have to agree that quite a bit of it is not meant to stimulate the economy in any way. Some prime examples can be seen in this article from the WSJ. Here is the start of the article.

Las Vegas, which by some accounts already glitters, wants $2 million for neon signs.

Boynton Beach, Fla., is looking for $4.5 million for an “eco park” featuring butterfly gardens and gopher tortoises.

And Chula Vista, Calif., would like $500,000 to create a place for dogs to run off the leash.

See what I mean? The other guise on this is that many of these will create jobs. Ok, sure, they will create jobs for the 6 months to a year it takes to build this stuff, and then those same jobs go away when the construction is done. I wonder if those of you who live in DC have a constant smell of bacon in the air with all of the pork that is being thrown around up there.

This all seems to be the start of a very socialist type system. This video clip from the Glenn Beck show has a clip in it of a lawmaker who slips and says the words moving towards socializing things, and then stops in mid-sentence when she realized that she was saying it out loud. Watch at 4:45 in. The California democrat says it out loud, and then stumbles to try and recover, by saying that she thinks that the government should be running all of the businesses.

Current Music: The news

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My Thoughts

Well the election is over. Things will be as they are for 4 years. There are a few things that I find very interesting about the whole situation.

I have seen on many websites that apparently I am a racist. I am a racist because I didn’t vote for Obama. I never knew that not agreeing with someone’s policies was racism. Does that make all of the left racist for not agreeing with Bush over the last 8 years? When I vote for someone, I make it a point to research issues that I find important and make up my mind based on that. The race or sex of the candidate really has no sway in that at all.

If you read my LJ, you know that I am an active shooter, so 2nd amendment rights are very important to me. Obama’s stance on the issue, well its has been in so many places depending on who he was talking to, but overall, he is for banning many forms of guns.

Site 1
Site 2
Site 3

Are just a few of the sites, along with the NRA and various youtube videos etc.

In short, Obama blames guns on violence, not people. I can set a gun on the table, and you know what, it isn’t going to get up, go out and shoot someone on its own. It is going to sit there as a hammer would sit in a toolbox as a tool. He is against citizens being able to defend themselves. If you look at the statistics of the cities with the most gun violence, you will find that Washington DC, and Chicago are among the highest. What do these cities have in common, they do not allow law abiding citizens the ability to protect themselves. Obama wants to ban all concealed carry nation wide. One Source That is really the answer, ban something that is working across the nation.

Some people ask why I want to carry a gun, and a signature line I saw on a message board says it best. I carry a gun, because a cop is too heavy. Another good one, is that when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes. I am lucky in that TN has decent laws, but they need quite a bit of improvement. Most of the proposed changes have been blocked in the state by Naifeh, and luckily TN decided that they don’t want to put up with him anymore, and the power has shifted at the state level. Maybe now we can get our own form of Change at the state level.

I am glad that the whole election process is over, but I am amazed that for the party that is spouting Hope and Change, they are still bashing the opposing side worse than ever before. I thought that Obama wanted to bridge party lines and work on bipartisan efforts. Maybe his party should follow suit. This election cycle I pretty much kept to myself, as I didn’t feel like getting into knock down drag out arguments with people over ideas that neither of us as individuals really have any way of correcting. Still when I came into work on the 5th, the first 5 people I came in contact with were gloating over their win. People I have never talked about politics to, and yet they feel they need to come and rub it in my face that their candidate won. Gotta love that kind of stuff.

I also love the people breaking out the hammer and sickle flags at Obamas victory rally. Really is a great visual of the type of change that we appear to be headed for. Source

For a little take on what Michelle Obama said, here is my version.

For the first time in my life, I am sad to be an American. I am not sad due to race, sex, or religion, but sad that so many people blindly followed a candidate without researching the issues on their own, or becoming prey to a false sense of Hope that will become crushed when they realize that it was campaign rhetoric, not an actual plan to get things done.

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