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Sarah Grace

Over Thanksgiving, I got to meet my niece for the first time. My sister and brother in law recently adopted her from China and I hadn’t made it down to ATL yet to meet her. I have been taking pictures for my sister at Thanksgiving for the past couple of years, and this year was the first time for Sarah Grace.

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Ap as The Scarecrow

This weekend, I was wanting to practice shooting with my small hotshoe flashes, so I put out a call for people to come over and hang out, and we could shoot some pictures. Ap brought his scarecrow with him, and as it turned out, the lot behind my house was covered in straw to prevent it from turning into a mud pit as they are clearing the area to build new houses. This was the perfect opportunity for that costume. I ended up using 4 speedlights, and I was very pleased with the results, as I got the results that I wanted in camera, and really didn’t have to do much editing at all. Here are some samples.


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The Dragon*Con 2011 Jarvie Window Experience

This year for Dragon*Con, I was looking for some sort of personal project to shoot during the con. I decided to bring the Jarvie Window to Dragon*Con 2011. I saw this phenomenon posted on Strobist quite some time ago and thought that it was neat, but never thought that I would have the opportunity to try it out. I recently picked up the Ray Flash ringflash adapter and that got me to pondering a photo project for the con of shooting the ringflash effect. I rented the fisheye from LensRentals.com and then found a way to use my less powerful 430 ex ii flash with the ringflash adapter, so that I still had the use of my regular flash on my main camera body. It was well received at the con, and was a fun project overall. I shot about 650 pictures, but narrowed down the final collection to 400 images. The plan is to gather all of these into one large collage that I will take to the con with me next year and get as many of the people in it to sign it. Here is a picture of what it looked like when I was using the ring courtesy of Steve.

When shooting like this, there is no way to be shy, as it works best if you are shooting a few inches from the subject’s face. You can also have them hold the ring or reach into it to give things a 3d perspective. This is especially fun when approaching complete strangers. I found myself taking a regular picture and then showing the screen on my camera with the ringflash and explained what I was about to do, and when following this process, I didn’t have anyone say no to having their picture taken.

Here are a couple of samples.

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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Back from Dragon*Con

I am back and pretty much recovered and am in the process of editing photos. Some of this years pictures are already available accompanying some articles on GeeksofDoom.com, so for now be sure and check those out. I hope to start posting some of my stuff here by Friday.

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Final Fairy Photo

This is probably the last photo that I will end up posting from the fairy photo shoot. The weather didn’t cooperate on the day of the shoot, and we got stopped due to rain more than one time. When we moved to a second location, Danielle and I got there and got out and started shooting before the rain started back, so in turn, we missed the text saying that everyone else was calling it a day. We went down the trail by the lake, and of course, that is when it started to pour. I had the waterproof cover on my camera, so we just kept shooting as the rain came down. We both realized that we weren’t going to get any wetter, so Danielle just decided to go into the lake. I got a few shots from the bank, but I just couldn’t get the right angle, so I said to hell with it and went into the lake myself. My shoes were already drenched as it was. I really like how these shots turned out with the large rain drops hitting the water. I definitely want to go back to this same spot and experiment more with the photo subject being in the water.

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