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Downtown on the Pedestrian Bridge

On saturday, I headed downtown with a couple of other photographers to just do some shooting of the skyline at dusk. We shot from the pedestrian bridge. It turns out that we picked quite a night, as there was a George Clinton concert at Riverfront Park, so we at least had some nice funk music in the background. I haven’t gone through my pictures that I got from my 7D yet, but at least from the LCD that evening I think that I got some decent shots. I did look through the shots that I took with my G12 today and edited a couple on my ipad. I have been trying to shoot with my G12 on a more consistent basis, which I have not been keeping up with like I have hoped. I am trying to motivate myself to shoot on a more regular basis, and since I carry my G12 with me most of the time, I really have no excuse to not be using it more. Here are a couple of pictures.

Click the Images for a Larger version.

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Honoring a Fallen Marine

On Monday the 13th of June, I had the opportunity to honor a fallen Marine. The crazy church in Kansas who is not a church at all, was coming to Nashville to protest Marine Sgt. Kevin Balduf’s funeral. I never had the honor to serve in our county’s military, but I have family members who did, and this just did’t sit well with me at all. I took most of the day off from work, and decided to attend the funeral with the Patriot Guard Riders who is a group that attends military funerals at the invitation of the family in order to honor the fallen soldiers and act as a wall between protestors etc.

I arrived at the church about 9, and there were already a good number of bikers there. We had a quick briefing, and then were given American flags and went to take our places along the driveways of the church and the street in front of the church.

Along with about 2500 other people, I stood outside the church in honor of this Marine. The family of the fallen soldier made rounds and shook the hands of everyone who was there to honor their loved one which was very touching to say the least. The members of the Marine Corp who were there to participate in the ceremony also made rounds shaking the hands of those who showed up to honor their fallen comrade.


I am glad that I took part in this. There is a part of me that wishes I would have attended with my cameras to better document the event, but I was able to get a couple of pictures with my iphone and G12 that illustrated the day, and that still let me be there for the right reasons.

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MTAC 2011

I have finally had a chance to get some new pictures posted from MTAC. I still have some pictures from MTAC to get to which were not ones that I submitted to the con as official photographs, specifically some shots of the Black Rock Shooter group that a few of my friends did for the show. MTAC is always a fun show, and even with it being on Easter weekend this year, it seemed to be very well attended and I had a great time shooting it.

Remi Mimura

Big Daddy from Bioshock

Lisa Furukawa in concert

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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A Few Shots from the Natchez Trace

Last Saturday I drove down the trace and went to Jackson Falls, Fall Hollow Falls, a couple of overlooks, and the Meriwether Lewis grave site. It is still pretty early for shots from the overlooks as Spring hasn’t really sprung around that area yet, but I did get some nice shots from the bottom of the water falls. here are a couple that I have processed so far.

The creek at Jackson Falls

The lower level of the main waterfall at Fall Hollow Falls

The Water Valley Overlook

Click on any of the images for a larger version

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Nashville Skyline Shots

Last week I was able to shoot the skyline from LP Field so I had a perfect unobstructed view of the city. Here are a couple of samples. I do plan to offer any of these as prints, so if you are interested, please shoot me an email to

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