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Soreness ensues

Yesterday I participated in the Colombian Blend airsoft event at the local field. This was an event that went from 9 in the morning until 10 at night. It was a great time, which involved me shooting many people, but also getting shot myself. I didn’t get shot too many times, but a few of them were in the face. Thank goodness that we have to wear eye protection, or I would be sans vision from the right eye. Here is a picture of the aftermath.

Today, I am paying for the great time, as in I am sore as can be. I am taking today to sleep and let let my muscles take a break.

Nashville is still in that whole, there is no gas anywhere thing. I find the whole thing rather funny. I filled up my car last Monday, and since then have used it a total of 1/8th a tank. I have taken the bike whenever I can, and over an entire week, I only traveled about 80 miles, not counting my trip to and from airsoft yesterday, mainly because I don’t feel like going to my car to look at how far I traveled. People are going crazy and filing up if they start their car. If people would go back to their normal routine, there wouldn’t have been a problem at all. This was taken on Friday.

This was the line of cars madly merging lanes in order to follow the gas truck into the gas station. I was laughing at this as I was riding down the street. The panic is rather funny. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

My parents still don’t have power. Supposedly they will get it back on Tuesday, but they have no guarantee. They have their generator, and have been able to cook on the gas grill, so they have bee fine, but wishing there was some AC at times.

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I am sore, but airsoft was a blast

I played airsoft for the first time yesterday. Today I am sore, but it was some of the most fun that I have had in a while.

On Friday, Todd called me and said that I was going to the airsoft store with him so that I could get my Christmas present. He got me a grenade to use with my M203 grenade launcher. That rocks as a present btw. While at the store, the guys who own it asked if I was going to be there on Sunday to play. I had originally planned on playing for the first time on the 12th, but I didn’t really have anything planned for yesterday, so I picked up some magazines and ammo and planned on heading out to the field that day. I did go and pick up some new camo on Saturday as well.

We played a total of 7 games. Most of them were shorter games of a central objective or defending a base etc. The main game of the day was a 2 hour long game with multiple objectives for each team to achieve. I was on the defense team of the US base, and we held the base for a pretty long time. The other team had fewer numbers, but then again, they are an actual team that plays together all of the time, all had radios, and upgraded guns.

Throughout the day I was shot in the following places.
My right index finger, twice
My left index finger
My left middle finger
My ass
The top of my head
My forehead, I have a nice mark on my forehead from that one that looks like a big pimple. Joy.
One of my knee pads.

I think the finger shots hurt the worst, as I did not know it was possible to have a bruised finger. I did take out a decent number of the other team, and the big one was revenge for the ass shot. On the game following that shot, I got the same guy back in the ass/back of the head on full auto.

I will definitely continue to play airsoft, but I can also tell that I need to upgrade the internals of my gun to allow for some more range, and more FPS. I didn’t like that I could see the enemy, and see my pellet dropping short of them and landing on the ground. I probably won’t be doing this immediately, but it must be done soon if I want to be able to stay competitive. I also need to take my MP5 into the store, as when I went to use it, it didn’t work. Well off to work as sore as can be.

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