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Afterthoughts of the move

Aside from my recent move, I had been in the same residence for 8 years. In that time, I accumulated quite a few things, as well as took up some hobbies that require a large storage area for each of the necessary items that pertain to them. I also learned that I had so much junk that could have been thrown away quite some time ago, that I finally ditched, and I know that there are other things that will meet this fate as well, once I get done going through boxes and deciding if this is something that I really need to keep.

Right now, my garage is baring the brunt of the move. I used it as a staging ground in order to clean off dust/dog hair from stuff before taking it inside to find a new home. The process is slow, mainly due to the fact that by the time I get home in the evening, I just want to get some dinner, watch a little TV, and then sleep. I am trying to make a big dent in getting things settled this week, as I will be out of town next weekend, and won’t be able to do any of it then. I need to get all of this taken care of, so that I will have room for my next line of expenses of a lawnmower, and weedeater, as the grass has started to turn from brown to green, and my lawncare saga will need to begin soon.

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Back from hiatus with a new look

So, I apparently decided to take the month of March as a hiatus. I was a tad busy with my birthday, closing on my house, taking a 2 day defensive pistol course, and moving into said new house. Also added in the mix was, my web host getting sold to another company and my server being unavailable for editing for 2 weeks. Granted this was a pain, but there was a nice plus side in that the new host actually has updated MySQL so I was able to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress which is a pleasant change to what I had before.

Here are the rest of the cliff notes that I should expound on some in the future.

Got my new camera lens and flash that both kick ass.
Went to MTAC to help handle for R2 and Chris Lee by taking pictures of his panels etc.
Dealt with the end of BSG.
Got HDTV and DVR for the first time.

That is about it. I really need to post pictures and details of most of these things, and expect people to nag me if I don’t.

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It is hard to clean behind a toilet

I have started the packing process, and along with packing comes more intensive cleaning than would occur on a normal basis. I learned this when trying to clean behing my toilet. My master bathroom has a small nook that holds the throne, and there is not an easy way to clean the floor or the back of the bowel etc. I think that I could go my whole life without attempting that again, well until I have moved and have to get the condo ready to rent or sell that is.

Packing is going very slow. This daunting task presents itself as mission impossible, as I pack a box, and it looks like I have not even started. I have been sorting through stuff, and I see a big trip to goodwill in my future, as well as some very full trash cans for the next few weeks.

I think I have decided that the easiest way to deal with some of this stuff is to just mark what I am leaving here when I move. I can then come back and deal with that stuff after I am settled in the new place. I hope this plan works, as I hate having to do work again if I can help it.

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Technology Highs and Lows

Well the past couple of days have had a mixture of nice tech, and crappy tech experiences. On the upside, I finally took the time to change the look of my wordpress. My host doesn’t have MySQL 4, so I am having to use a legacy release for now. I am trying to ge them to upgrade the MySQL but I am sure that will be a lengthy process. I have been searching for some templates to use, and most of them are for the most recent WP release. I finally found a version of K2 for the older release, and that solved that predicament.

On the downside, my xbox 360 decided to die on me. I didn’t get the red ring of death, but rather the red quadrant of death. From what I can tell from the net, it is the video heatsync that has gone foul. I need to call M$ and get a send back code so that I can get it repaired. I have gotten into playing the zombie mode of Call of Duty: World at War and this has distracted from what I need to be doing of packing up the stuff I have accumulated over the past 8 years of living here. This is a daunting task that I have not been able to bring myself to do on a regular basis yet.

Part of this process is getting rid of a metric ton of crap that I don’t want to move, so I need to list quite a bit of stuff on ebay and craigslist to get rid of it. Anything geek or costume related I will put up here as well and give friends first dibs. Well it is time to get back to LOST for now.

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For some odd reason I seem to update on Wednesdays

I realized this morning that for some reason my last few updates have all been on Wednesdays. Odd, but at least I updated with something. I really don’t have much to say right now. Sure, I could talk about how I don’t plan on paying taxes this year so that I can get a presidential cabinet position, or that I haven’t seen any change yet, but I am not in the mood for that.

The episode of BSG last Friday made me proud to be a geek. I think that I could watch that episode every day of the week, and be pleasantly happy. That episode got back to the roots of the show, and that made me happy. Big Bang theory continues to make me laugh uncontrollably. It really is one of the best comedies on TV. LOST is tonight, and i am sure that it will make my head hurt in a good way before the hour is over.

The house progress is going well. I now have dates and times ironed out, so it is just a matter of starting to pack stuff and waiting for the house to be finished. I have been working on getting rid of stuff I haven’t used in quite some time, but I have a long way to go before the end of March. I am sure there is quite a bit of stuff that I can sell, but deciding if the small about of potential money outweighs the hassle of doing the selling is yet to be decided.

Current Music: Pajamas Media

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