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Writing from the iPhone

Well I am close to having my WP all set up how I would like it. I still need to populate the list on links on the side list and do a few other tweaks here and there. After I am done doing that, I really need to either remake my main page, or just use the wordpress to do my entire site. I am also in debate about what to do with my Livejournal when the paid account expires in April. I think that it will probably just go back to a free account and use the WP as my primary outlet.

On a completely unrelated note, I love watching Serenity and seeing the BSG reaver fleet. It is an extra shot of geek that never gets old.

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The holiday weekend

Well this weekend was interesting to say the least. I worked on turkey day, which mainly consisted of watching jackass 2.5, a river runs through it, and the first 6 episodes of 24 season 1.

On black Friday, all that I did shopping wise was to go to the cigar store to smoke the Opus X cigar that I picked up on Tuesday. I did break down and get a Diamond Crown Maximus while I was there as well, so I guess that makes me part of the black Friday crowds.

I did have an odd encounter at the cigar store. One of the people in there was one of the customers that I found most annoying when I worked at DK. He then decided to start talking to me. I view the cigar store kind of like the men’s room. It is a private place unless you are commenting on a game on tv etc, or you add to a conversation already in progress.

On Saturday I trooped the predators game for the sci-fi night. I ended up handling since by the time I helped paint Summer and Raychel blue, it was time to go out, and Gnash the mascot wore my Jedi robe and used my light saber when rapelling down from the rafters to the ice.

Today I slept nice and late and then went over to Radnor lake to play with the camera some more to try working on the manual settings. I took one of those pictures that you don’t expect. I got a picture of a buck mounting a doe. There were 2 other bucks right there too. It was kind of a crazy sight to see. I will post some pictures later on of the weekend’s events.

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It’s time…

For an entry that isn’t from loudtwitter.

I don’t have that much to post about but I feel like I need to. Let’s see, last weekend I participated in a Toys for Tots event and a Christmas parade. I got sick again at the beginning of the week due to being in my Plo Koon mask sweating, while in the cold. That pretty much sucked.

One saving factor is that Razor came out on DVD on Tuesday. Tuesday night, I watched every minute of both disks. It was much better then the version shown on TV, as it filled in some of the blanks. Of course, the fleet is already starting on costumes from Razor, and I am no different. I need to do some airsoft store shopping here in the near future for a couple of new guns to go with some new costumes.

The big news in the past while is my scooter was hit by an old lady. She somehow didn’t see the covered scooter which was parked in a parking spot. I just got the estimate back from the dealership today, so hopefully I will be able to get the scooter back here in the next week or so. It amounts to all of the side panels on the right side of the bike having to be replaced. Luckily for her, nothing was damaged on the frame etc.

I am looking forward to seeing The Golden Compass tomorrow. There has been much controversy over the movie, mostly by people who haven’t read the books for themselves to make their own decisions. I know what the subject of the books are, and that does not affect my beliefs or faith in any way. I am quite perplexed at how many people are blindly following what others are saying about it and not doing the research to make their own decisions.

Next Thursday I will be participating in a Make a Wish event of some sort at the Adventure Science Center. I have never been there before, so that will be neat to see, as well as benefiting a good cause.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I ended up going to an advance screening of the OOTP tonight. I have to say that I loved it. I loved the way the director interpreted the book into film form, and I was impressed. I won’t say more, as I do not want to risk spoiling anything for anyone.

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I saw Transformers tonight at a pre-release screening. I went in not expecting too much. I figured that it would either suck hard, or be really kick ass. I am glad to say, that it really kicked ass. The cgi was all well done and the movie had a good mix of story and visuals. I was not disappointed in the least, and will probably go and see it again when my friends go.

Just thought that I would share.

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