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In the planning stage

So it looks like I will be going on my first overnight trip on Quinn this weekend. I am going to head up to KY and tour some of the distilleries, and then stay the night in Louisvile. I will come back on Sunday, but not before stopping at Knob Creek, which hosts the the world’s largest machine gun shoot. Pretty much you can look at a large variety of weapons, and watch people spend thousands of dollars in ammunition while disintegrating anything that happens to be downrange.

I am excited about the trip. Todd is going along with me and it will be nice to get away for a weekend without a real schedule to keep.

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I’ve been riding

In the close to a month that I have had Quinn, I have put around 700 miles on her so far. I am almost at my first servicing, and then I will be able to ride at speed. I have had to stay around 55 to 60 mph for the inital engine break in period.

I joined the Music City Harley Owners group, or HOG chapter. They do a couple of rides a week and it is a good group of people. I am the token young guy, but it is nice to have people to ride with and find out nice rides from etc.

MTAC is this weekend. I have lots of work to do in order to have Ganju ready, but I think I will get it finished. Granted I need to make a sword/sheath, another shirt, dye the first shirt, make the utility pouch that goes above the sword, make a head wrap, make a sash, make bracers, and finish sewing the swirley things on the pants, but that isn’t too much.

LOST tomorrow night, and BSG Friday night. Speaking of BSG, WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

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Quinn is about to get a new pair of shoes

I have been researching all things Harley at work, and I came across a big active HD forum. I love this forum already. Within a couple of days, through the classified listings, I have saved approx 250 dollars already on accessories for Quinn. The one that I am most excited about is the chrome forward controls that I should be getting by the beginning of next week. It will be nice to have a stretched our ride. There aren’t too many more things that I want to add before Quinn will be finished.

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From Bonnie-Chan to Quinn

Well as my last couple of picture updates have noted, I traded in Bonnie Chan for a Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200L, who is now known as Quinn. I do not regret my decision at all. This is something that I planned to do since about a week after I took my motorcycle license class. I realized that I should have purchased a motorcycle instead of a scooter then, but it was too new to trade back in for a bike. I had to wait a while in order to make the trade, and last week I was able to work it out. It was quite a change going from a 1 gear 250cc engine to a 5 speed 1200 cc engine, but I have adapted to the change rather well if I do say so myself. It will be quite a while before I am at a point where I will take a passenger out on it, but I am much happier with the motorcycle.

I am running into the part now where that I need to decide what all accessories that I need to add to the bike. Some of the ones that are at the top of the list are forward controls, which allow for a more stretched out riding position, engine guards, which help protect the engine if you drop the bike, saddle bags, to carry crap, and a sissy bar, to be used to add a touring bag to, or give a passenger something to lean back against. I have a spreadsheet already figured out with costs and options to budget out when I think I can make the additions to the bike. I also plan on listing some stuff on ebay soon to help with my bike accessory purchasing. I think one of the first things to go will be my Starship Troopers jumpball suit. I should easily be able to add forward controls from it, or possibly saddle bags.

A couple of my coworkers ride now, and there are a couple more who are about to buy bikes, so that will be nice to have a group of people to ride with. I am ready for it to not be raining every frakking day during the week so that I can ride more though. I am not quite ready to be riding around in the rain. I still need to get used to that extra torque first. Here is a better picture of Quinn than the one I posted from my phone.

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