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The Lostume is Complete

I got my patch in from G-bob, and now the Lostume is complete.

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D*C Approaches

Well Dragon*Con is less than 40 days away. I finally got around to ordering what I need for my one new costume this year. I am not going for anything elaborate, but I did opt to get all of the screen accurate brand variations to make my costume as correct as possible. I am making a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit. I have decided to have mine read either Photographer or Historian, as I will probably be doing that more picture taking than costuming this year. I won’t be able to get everything assembled until I am back from round two of being in Albuquerque, but all that will be left is to get my embroidery done and sew on my patch. I am looking forward to the fact that this will be like my BSG jumpsuit, in that it is one of the most comfortable costumes that exists. The other costumes I am taking this year are my BSG Deck suit, BSG Marine, possibly my Resident Evil Centurion, and if I get it finished, my Green BSG BDUs. Add in my kilts, and a few T-shirts and I will be set for the duration of the con.

I will be taking pictures for some of Tom’s articles for GeeksofDoom.com which should be pretty cool as well. Overall, I am mainly ready for a vacation and a chance to get to hang out with the friends and fellow geeks that I normally only get to see once a year.

Current Music: BSG Season 4.0 Soundtrack

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For some odd reason I seem to update on Wednesdays

I realized this morning that for some reason my last few updates have all been on Wednesdays. Odd, but at least I updated with something. I really don’t have much to say right now. Sure, I could talk about how I don’t plan on paying taxes this year so that I can get a presidential cabinet position, or that I haven’t seen any change yet, but I am not in the mood for that.

The episode of BSG last Friday made me proud to be a geek. I think that I could watch that episode every day of the week, and be pleasantly happy. That episode got back to the roots of the show, and that made me happy. Big Bang theory continues to make me laugh uncontrollably. It really is one of the best comedies on TV. LOST is tonight, and i am sure that it will make my head hurt in a good way before the hour is over.

The house progress is going well. I now have dates and times ironed out, so it is just a matter of starting to pack stuff and waiting for the house to be finished. I have been working on getting rid of stuff I haven’t used in quite some time, but I have a long way to go before the end of March. I am sure there is quite a bit of stuff that I can sell, but deciding if the small about of potential money outweighs the hassle of doing the selling is yet to be decided.

Current Music: Pajamas Media

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Leverage, LOST, and xBox

After finishing up Dexter, I needed something to watch, so I started watching Leverage. I had heard Stephen from granades.com and of Whatthecast mention this on one of the podcast episodes, and I have to agree with his view that this is a great show. There is just something about con artists who con other con artists. It is very Dexteresque in that the main character only targets like minded targets. I am four episodes in so far, and I can’t believe how quickly the hour passes. I have the other 4 episodes downloaded, and hope to get them finished soon.

Last night was the long awaited 2 hour LOST premiere. Once again, there were many IMs, texts and tweets to people that mainly consisted of the letters W, T and F. I am interested to see where the the show is headed and will eagerly look forward to each Wednesday night for the foreseeable future.

About a year ago, my buddy told me about the program called Connect360. This “tricks” the xbox into thinking that a mac is a pc which allows for content to be streamed to the xbox. The other day, I finally took the time to update my software, and try it out for videos on my xbox, since the xbox can now handle divx movies. Needless to say, I am in love. This is what saved me over this week while I was under a pile of blankets on the couch. Being able to watch downloaded programs on my 56″ tv vs my 15″ laptop was a blessing. If you have a mac and a 360, then check out this software. it was well worth the 20 bucks.

I had another friend call me this afternoon offering me a pass to go and see the new Underworld screener tonight. I am excited. Granted it isn’t Kate Beckinsale, but the main actress did a good job in Doomsday, so I am hopeful. I will post my thoughts on it either later on tonight, or tomorrow.

Current Music: NCIS

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