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Paid Livejournal is no more

My paid livejournal account expired about a week ago, and as of now, I have decided that I don’t need to renew it. One of the big losses, although I am sure some people won’t see it this way is that I cannot have my twitter feed auto post into my LJ now. Now that I am switching to using my self hosted WordPress as my primary posting method, it just didn’t make sense to put money into features that I am not using.

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Writing from the iPhone

Well I am close to having my WP all set up how I would like it. I still need to populate the list on links on the side list and do a few other tweaks here and there. After I am done doing that, I really need to either remake my main page, or just use the wordpress to do my entire site. I am also in debate about what to do with my Livejournal when the paid account expires in April. I think that it will probably just go back to a free account and use the WP as my primary outlet.

On a completely unrelated note, I love watching Serenity and seeing the BSG reaver fleet. It is an extra shot of geek that never gets old.

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An Email Post

So since work blocks the fun websites, I set my LJ up to be able to
post via email. I think that it will be pretty handy, in that I can
work on an entry, and if I don’t get to post it, then gmail will save
a draft of it automatically.

So, I get the joy of working Turkey Day this year. I will work from
7-4 and then get in my car and drive to Atlanta to do the family
thing. I will probably stay there till fairly late on Sunday to try to
avoid the swarm of traffic of people coming home from the holiday. I
am contemplating leaving very early on Monday morning as I get an hour
back, and I don’t have to be at work until 9. I probably won’t end up
doing that, but it is nice to know that is somewhat of an option. I am
taking Sirius with me, so that least that gives me more flexibility in
leaving and arriving times etc.

I am pretty certain that I will be up before the sun on Friday to go
fight my way into various stores to obtain door buster deals at insane
prices. That is normally how it goes. I really don’t plan on spending
money, but if the past is any indicator, if I go shopping with my mom,
I normally end up with some good swag to show for it.

I do feel kind of bad that most of Saturday night, I won’t really be
spending time with my family. Instead, I will be sitting down watching
Razor as it comes on Sci-Fi. I do plan on being a total geek and
wearing my BSG tank tops as I am watching it. My family is going to
look at me and wonder what I am wearing, but they should come to
expect that by now. It took them a while to get the kilts. That
reminds me that I need to run those through the wash to shrink them
down some too before the weekend.

I guess for now, I will go back to doing some work. They look highly
upon that here.

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