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13 Hours and counting

It is around 13 hours until it is released. I just got back from Kroger with provisions for the night/day of reading that lies ahead. Mainly sandwich stuff, and Sobe Adrenaline rush. My guess is that I will get home around 1:!5-1:30 tonight. I figure that by the time I take out Sirius, and possibly Bella if she is here too, I will start reading at 2:00. OOTP took me 15 hours. HBP around 13. I am figuring that I will finish the book around 1:00 on Saturday. I will then be in shock and try to sleep for a couple of hours, before calling, texting, posting to anyone I know who has finished it in order to discuss.

I think that everything is ready for the book release event tonight. I need to post pictures of the Quidditch pitch that I made, and the broom that accompanies it. Yesterday was spent sitting about 3 feet away from 1600 copies of the book that I was not allowed to open a box. That was some sort of hell. It will be very bittersweet to read the book, as it is the end. I finished up OOTP and HBP on audio, so I am ready to dig in, now that I remember what happened in HBP. It is amazing how much that you can forget from a book.

Time to head to a job interview. Yea I know, the timing is about the worst day ever, but they really wanted me to come in this week. It is the same company as before, and they finally called me in for a 2nd interview. Now granted, I love my new position at work, but this one would pay more, and be in the tech field, which is what I am wanting to pursue. Here’s to a busy day.

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