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I thought I had updated recently

I thought that I had put in another update recently, but apparently I must have dreamed that.

I finally got over my sickness right before Christmas. On Christmas eve day, I arrived at the old Nashville prison where Green Mile and Last Castle were filmed for the Metro Police Department toy/food basket program. The HOG chapter helped start this, and it has been going for 47 years now. Officers submit the names of families that they encounter throughout the year that will need some help for the holidays, and they are added to the list. This year over 220 families benefited from the program. What did I do for this? Each family get 4 bushel baskets of food. I was one of the 4 people on the loading dock who put these baskets into patrol cars and personal vehicles for people to go and deliver that morning. It was a great time. It was cold and rainy, but it was for a good cause, so you kind of have to look past that part of it.

I worked on Christmas, if you call finished season 1 of Burn Notice and starting season 2 work. I then hopped in the car and headed down to Dallas(Atlanta). Right when i passed Chattanooga, my car started losing RPMs and lurching. I had to drive slow the rest of the way, but I eventualy made it there on Christmas night. I took my Jeep to the dealership the next day, and found out more reasons why I will never get a car at Carmax again. The hoses to the vacuum for the fuel pump had been repaired with electrical tape instead of replaced, so that seemed to be what was causing the problem.

Christmas was pretty low key, as I got some things that I will need for the house, and then gift cards for Walmart, Subway and Las Palmas. It was nice to be away from work for a few days. Sirius loved it down in Atlanta, as he ran around with my nephew chasing him for 3 straight days.

As I was driving back to Nashville on Sunday, sure enough, right around Chattanooga, my car started doing the same thing again. It turns out my throttle sensor had crapped out. Almost 500 dollars later, I was able to get my car from the dealer in Franklin yesterday. So far it is working, but I will believe that when I see it.

The weather has been cold the last 2 days, but dry which was nice as the bike was my mode of transport. A few weeks ago I got some heated gloves, and was finally able to install them yesterday. Heated gloves are the best invention ever for a motorcycle I have decided. It is amazing how that little bit of heat can turn a cold day into an enjoyable ride. I am doing a polar bear ride on Saturday and then a trip coming up the following week to see the bald eagles at Reelfoot lake.

New years will probably consist of sitting on the couch watching a movie like it has the last couple of years. I might pick up the new Call of Duty with my Walmart gift card, and if I decide to do that, then I will be fighting the world wars all throughout the day.

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Santa Rampage

Well this weekend was the Santa rampage. Ivan and Summer came down from Clarksville, along with some of Summer’s friends. We met up with Chris Lee and his friend Jess and we began to rampage. It was a blast. I have pictures up on my facebook. Here are a couple of selections.

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The holiday weekend

Well this weekend was interesting to say the least. I worked on turkey day, which mainly consisted of watching jackass 2.5, a river runs through it, and the first 6 episodes of 24 season 1.

On black Friday, all that I did shopping wise was to go to the cigar store to smoke the Opus X cigar that I picked up on Tuesday. I did break down and get a Diamond Crown Maximus while I was there as well, so I guess that makes me part of the black Friday crowds.

I did have an odd encounter at the cigar store. One of the people in there was one of the customers that I found most annoying when I worked at DK. He then decided to start talking to me. I view the cigar store kind of like the men’s room. It is a private place unless you are commenting on a game on tv etc, or you add to a conversation already in progress.

On Saturday I trooped the predators game for the sci-fi night. I ended up handling since by the time I helped paint Summer and Raychel blue, it was time to go out, and Gnash the mascot wore my Jedi robe and used my light saber when rapelling down from the rafters to the ice.

Today I slept nice and late and then went over to Radnor lake to play with the camera some more to try working on the manual settings. I took one of those pictures that you don’t expect. I got a picture of a buck mounting a doe. There were 2 other bucks right there too. It was kind of a crazy sight to see. I will post some pictures later on of the weekend’s events.

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Last night at DK

Well I worked at DK last night for the first time since I left at the end of July. It was kind of scary. I felt like I didn’t know where anything was since the store had moved stuff around so much, didn’t know how to work the phones, as they put in a new phone system, and felt that I wasn’t able to answer questions adequately. I had 2 people ask what the big selling board game had been so far this season, and 2 ask for books that were hot. I really didn’t have an answer to either question. It didn’t help that it was busy and I was scheduled at the information desk solo. I think that after Thursday, I will probably take my name off of the on call list. The bookstore business is a timely thing, and I am not the type who doesn’t like to work if I can’t offer proper educated service. I will probably try to help with inventory or something like that, but regular working on the floor, I think at the end of this week, that will be the end.

On another note, when I got to work yesterday, I had a pan of brownies sitting on my desk thanking me for helping someone out. I thought they were joking when they said that they were going to bring me brownies. I tried to give them out to folks at work, but no one really wanted any, I took them to DK with me, and after all of that, I still have 1/4 a pan. I didn’t think that was possible with a pan of brownies, but I guess that I was wrong.

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Weekend Recap

This was a great weekend. On Friday I got off 4 hours early from work, where they gave everyone a check for 100 bucks. I then purchased Rock Band and had a fun evening of playing that. It is a very frustrating game.

Saturday we had our Secret Santa get together, and then Jess, Maria and I headed to the annual Santa Rampage where we met up with Chris Lee for some bar hopping good times through downtown Nashville. This is where everyone gets in a full Santa suit and bar hops. There were at least 150 people there. It was a blast. This included everyone doing the Charlie Brown dance to Christmas carols. We got a video of Jess doing it on her camera. I am sure she will post that soon. We stayed there for about 3 hours or so and then headed home. We didn’t want to get trashed etc, but we all definitely want to do it again next year.

Today was spent relaxing and doing some reorganization of the living room in order to make room for the Rock Band drum set. I am not done with that as I need some help carrying some bookcases upstairs, but it is close. I have also been clearing out some boxes and stuff out of my project room in order to have room to place the bookcases upstairs. It is more than a couple of day process, but at least I got it started this weekend.

I am going to be working at DK this week M-Th from 7-10 each night. It will be nice to have some extra spending money when that check comes in. My scooter should be getting out of the shop towards the end of this week to which makes me happy. I want to be able to start commuting on it again.

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