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Who needs Transformers, when your vehicles rebel on their own?

I have had the worst luck with vehicles over the past few weeks. All of this started when I was backed into on the motorcycle. I just got the quote from the dealer yesterday, and the total damage was just over 1800 dollars, which does not include the 250 dollar helmet replacement. I am waiting on insurance company of the guy who hit me to do what they need to in order to pay for repairing the damages.

On Thursday, I was on my way out to the monthly Harley Owner’s Group meeting, and I stopped in a parking lot to check the directions of where I was going. I went to start back up my bike, and there was no response. I had to call roadside assistance and get the bike towed back to my house. I tried starting it the next morning just to see, and when I turned the key the power came on, so I hit the run button, and I could hear it fueling the lines. I hit start and sparks flew out the left side of the bike. This is never a good thing for any engine. I went to the dealer that day and got a battery charger/tender and also stopped and bought all new fuses. It turns out that the wiring harness for my heated gloves had some how grounded itself and caused the power to arc. I removed it, and then installed the new fuses, and the bike started right up.

Elapse to Saturday. It was a great day and Todd, Jackson and I set out to visit some dealerships etc, and then we were going to go on a nice long ride. After we are done visiting the dealers, we were going to stop to grab a drink, and Jackson notices a screw in my rear tire. I got to go back to the dealership, and get my tire replaced.

On to Sunday. I go out on a nice ride in the morning, and then get home and need to go get gas for the lawnmower. I get in my old jeep that my mom left at my house while she is on a cruise and head to the gas station at the front of the neighborhood. I fill up my gas can, and then try to start the jeep, and there is no response. I push the jeep away from the pump and then walk home in the 91 degree heat carrying a 3 gallon gas can. Joy. I went and got a new battery for the jeep yesterday and that seemed to correct the problem.

I cannot figure out what I did to make all vehicles rebel against me, but I really hope that my spell of issues has passed.

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Tomorrow will be Super (man)

Well tomorrow I will be departing on an adventure on the bike. I am headed up to Metropolis, IL in the morning to go to the Superman festival. It will be a 3 hour ride there, and I plan on coming back tomorrow evening, so I will have a little time on the bike tomorrow. I hope to be able to get some good pictures of the festival, as well as the KY state HOG rally that happens to be in Metropolis at the same time.

There is a pretty good chance that I am going to get some rain as I am riding, but that is part of the game. Hopefully I can avoid it, but the forecast is working against me.

In another note, my facebook profile is now available at

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Beware of Reverse Lights

This last week was the Tennessee State HOG Rally in Murfreesboro, TN. This was my first motorcycle rally to attend, and it was fun. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but events like that never are when you are staying at your own place. I finally made it to Lynchburg on my bike, but didn’t have time to do the tour of the Jack factory, so I will just have to go back.

The big highlight of the time, if you can call it that, is when I was hit by a full size wheelchair accessible van. Here is the kicker though, the van was backing down the exit ramp of the interstate when they hit me. Yes, you read that correctly, the van was backing down a one lane, one way interstate exit ramp. I was sitting there with a little over a cars length to the van, and was wondering why the van was taking so long to turn, and then i saw the reverse lights turn on. I started honking and trying to walk backwards as quick as I could, but a full size van on a down hill in reverse, I just couldn’t make it work. He hit my bike and I jumped off to the right to avoid getting hit myself, resulting in a barrel roll. I was on my feet within seconds and up at his passenger window to make sure he didn’t have plans of driving off.

Needless to say, the whole thing could have been much worse. I called a state trooper and insurance company etc. I am taking my bike to the dealership this week for the insurance agent to look at and to get the bike checked for any potential frame damage. My pipes, highway bars, highway pegs and controls on the right side of the bike will all definitely have to be replaced. The highway bars did protect the tank from hitting the ground, which made them worth the money. My helmet did hit the ground when I rolled out of the way, so it will have to be replaced as well.

I don’t recall anyone warning of cars backing down a one lane interstate off ramp in my motorcycle training class, but I have definitely decided that I need to leave more than a cars length of space whenever I stop.

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It always seems to be raining on my parade

I finally got in the highway bars for Quinn yesterday, and got them installed today during my lunch. I also had time to get one of the highway pegs installed. I installed the other one once I got home, and right before it started to rain. I didn’t get to do a test ride to see if the pegs are in the right position, and now the forecast is for rain the rest of the week. So far, my luck has not been good whenever I install new parts onto the bike. It is by no way the end of the world, just an annoying coincidence that just doesn’t seem to go away.

I need to plan out some weekend trips to take this year on the bike. I am not sure where I want to go yet, but it will probably end up being trips to visit some members of the fleet. I am sure that would equate to some epic memories that would not soon be forgotten. I still haven’t done any solo trips and I think that it would be a great experience. After I get moved and settled, I really need to look into figuring out when some of these trips might be able to happen.

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Weekend wrap-up

So this weekend I did something that I had never done before. I stood between two lanes of moving traffic with a bucket in my hand collecting money for a charity. It was a very eye opening experience. We were raising money for the Metro food basket charity. Between our 5 roadblocks around the city, in 4 hours we raised 20,758 dollars, and that was in cash and does not include all of the change. They take it to a bank and have it counted and then add that to the total.

It was a great time. The weather was perfect. We had 35 or so people covering the four corners of our intersection, and a little base camp of sorts where people brought food and drinks. That is where Santa was as well which drew people into the parking lot to get their picture with Santa, and most of them also donated to the charity as well.

I found it very eye opening that overall, the people who looked like they should be giving, were the ones who tried to not make eye contact with you. You know the nice brand new BMV, Vette or Hummer, who kept looking off in another direction as not to make eye contact. Then there were the old cars, some of which their window wouldn’t work, who would be giving 10 – 20 dollars to help out such a worthy cause. There were some people cursing at you and telling you to get out of the road, and one Hummer who drove the entire intersection blaring their horn. The big rule of thumb for these types of events is, never turn your back to traffic. I only had one near running over incident when someone was trying to change lanes, and almost hit me. I had almost turned to a car to get a donation, but for some reason, something made me keep looking forward, and that is what let me know that a car was about to swerve into me. Good times.

The local HOG chapters helped pretty much start this charity along with the Metro Police Department. Metro officers submit families that they think need help that they encounter in their daily work to a committee who narrows down the submissions. The families are then checked to make sure that they are not receiving aide from another group like Angel Tree etc, so that the assistance is not duplicated for one family. This year, if memory serves, it will be 75 families/elderly individuals who will receive assistance from the program, all of which live in Davidson County.

On Christmas eve day, the staging area is the Prison that I went to a couple of weeks ago. People gather around 3 in the morning and load up trucks that will go out and deliver all of the stuff to the families. Since I am working on Christmas day and will be in town, I am pretty sure that I am going to go and volunteer that morning, and probably ride in one of the trucks to deliver the items to the families, as others who have their families in town probably won’t be able to be tied up all day.

I love that the charity work that I end up doing is very non traditional. Between the HOG group and the costuming work, I am glad to be able to help out and have fun at the same time.

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