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My name is Derek, and I am a bad LJ updater

I haven’t updated in a while. I will write a real update later, but here are the cliff notes.

I still love the iphone.
I am having a house built in Brentwood that should be finished in March or April.
I went to Dragon*Con and had a blast with the fleet.
I traded my 1911 for a Sig 229.
I had my 10 year HS reunion.
My hometown looks completely different than what I remember.
My parents house in Houston, avoided major damage, but I spoke to them this morning, and they did have water get in half of the house from what they can see now. The fridge defrosted, and filled the kitchen with water. They can’t check anything else yet, as there is still no power there, and it is only 6:00 there and not enough light to really see inside the house. There is a huge tree limb where my dad normally parks his jeep. They had moved it somewhere else while they were gone, that turned out to me a smart decision.

I will do a real update later, I promise.

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30 days

I am watching 30 days on FX right now. It is about a gun hater living with a gun family. This is very interesting. It is like reading all of the pro and anti gun threads on most of the forums I read on a regular basis, but put to video. I have to say that so far, the show is pretty even on both sides of the issue of gun control. I thought that it would he heavily anti, as most media coverage is.

The one big thing that has a left slant, is that the pro gun family, that the child is very pro gun almost to the point where some people would view it as potential crazy.

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My new project

So in my recent gun phase, I have taken on a new project. I am building an AR15. My kit that I ordered shipped today, so I should be getting it later on this week. Here is a picture of what it should look like.

Mine will be like the top one, but have a bipod and an optic of some sort. I am really looking forward to having it done. It will be chambered in 5.56 NATO, also know as .223. From what everyone has said, you can’t stop at 1 rifle…

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Tomorrow is 1 week

Well tomorrow is one week from when I filed my paperwork. I am going to get very impatient by the time my permit arrives in the mail. I really just want to start carrying now, but I don’t want to get in trouble. I do wear it around my house to get used to carrying it, but it is hard to remember that I am not allowed to go out in public with my gun on. I have been reading how long some people have had to wait on a Tennessee CCL forum, and the average wait time is about 5 weeks. I am hoping that since I am in Nashville, it will be on the low side of the spectrum, but I guess that is to be seen.

I did go out to the range on Saturday and put about 200 rounds into paper. I am really getting to the point of shooting very consistently. I do tend to shoot a little low and to the left of where I am aiming, but I do so regularly. I either need to change my stance some, or just aim a touch high and to the right.

I should be picking up my Glock 27 on Friday. I am really looking forward to giving it some range time. It is a sub compact, so it will take some getting used to.

I am at Portland Brew right now, and it is crowded with very loud people. Not exactly my idea of a nice evening at the coffee shop. Well so far none of my crew has arrived yet, so I guess it is back to surfing the net.

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