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First Leather Under the Needle

I was finally able to get some decent nylon thread yesterday that wouldn’t snap after a few stitches in my machine and try my hand at sewing some leather with the new machine. Here is the finished product. It is by no means perfect, as I hadn’t ever thought out the planning that needs to go into something like this, as leather is not like fabric in that make it inside out and fold it with the right side out etc. This is a bag that I made to be able to put my DSLR camera in when at a ren faire when I am in costume, as I generally don’t care for carrying a camera when in a costume of any sort.

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Tennessee Ren Faire Final Weekend Pictures

Well another season of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival has come to a close. It was a very wet year, but I still had a great time regardless. It is always a great time, and a chance to hang out with some people that I only really get to see one time a year. I didn’t take as many pictures this year as normal, as I didn’t want to have the camera out with the chance of rain, but I still had it out for most of the last Saturday of the faire.

Here are a couple of samples.

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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Its not faire

Well my plans for the weekend took a major turn this weekend. Saturday was a day of getting stuff done around the house as planned, and some time getting everything ready to go to the faire today. Well I woke up around 7:00 this morning and got on my computer to check email etc. While checking my Twitter friends list, I saw a tweet from a cast member that the faire was canceled today. I called the Clarksville contingent and let them know so that they didn’t all drive down only to be turned away. Apparently the parking lot was just a bog due to all of the recent rain. The bad thing is that rain is forecast all week, so I am going to remain hopeful that the parking lot will be usable next weekend. If it isn’t, ten maybe another trip down to GARF will be in order.

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GA Ren Faire Vol 1

I am calling this Vol 1, as I will be returning to GARF for the closing weekend, and that will help differentiate pictures and posts etc.

We got down to Atlanta around 11:45 pm EST, and pretty much just went to sleep knowing that we would be getting up early to head to the faire. We got off to a later start then we had originally planned, and got to the faire around 10:45. It was about 11:15 by the time we were ready and purchased our tickets. My first stop was going to be the kilt booth that I had gone to last year and was pondering ever since. I really wanted a wool great kilt for quite some time, and had set back some money for it over the year, and they had one that I liked. At first I was torn between two different patterns, the night watch, and the black stuart. The thing that made up my mind was when Charlie, the kilt salesman, said that the night watch was very popular. I don’t want the same kilt as everyone else, so I went with the black stuart. Here is a look at the pattern.

I also ended up getting the Son of Sandlar boots that I had looked at last year, and they are great. The one other thing that I got to go along with my kilt is a grey fox head sporran. It was meant to be a pouch, but last night I took some extra leather I had, and made the sporran belt which makes it sit at the correct position.

Ivan was able to get his new Robin Hood boots, and Starfire sword, and Summer got a full length leather thing. We don’t know what the actual name for a piece like this would be, but it is a cross between an apron, a duster, and a tunic. Needless to say, it is awesome.

Here are a couple of pictures. The rest can be seen here.

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Weekend wrap-up

Well this was a great weekend. On Saturday, and I headed to the TN Renaissance Festival. We hung out with Ivan and Summer and got to see Joe and who are part of the cast. We went to most all of the shows etc. It was a good time. Ivan had a new Robin of Locksley costume. We were talking and decided that I could be Friar Tuck. I figured that I could make it with some stuff that I had at home.

After we left the faire, we went to ‘s reception for her teaching graduation. Congrats again Erin. I borrowed a couple of robe patterns from and headed home to try to make a Friar robe for the following day. When I was looking through what fabric I had, I found a robe that I had started to make a while back at a sewing day that I had forgotten about. It had one deep emperor sleeve on it and that was about it. I pulled that sleeve off, which conveniently became the hood for my robe, made some sleeves, and after about 2 hours of work, here is what I came up with. Friar Tuck version 1.0.

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