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Quick Dragon*Con Update

Well I am at dragon*con and having a great time. There have been some great costumes this year and I think that I have been able to get some pretty decent shots. I don’t have a good net connection here, so I will be getting most of my pictures posted starting on Tuesday evening. Be sure to check back then, and don’t forget to check out the photo features that will be on geeksofdoom.com.

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D*C Approaches

Well Dragon*Con is less than 40 days away. I finally got around to ordering what I need for my one new costume this year. I am not going for anything elaborate, but I did opt to get all of the screen accurate brand variations to make my costume as correct as possible. I am making a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit. I have decided to have mine read either Photographer or Historian, as I will probably be doing that more picture taking than costuming this year. I won’t be able to get everything assembled until I am back from round two of being in Albuquerque, but all that will be left is to get my embroidery done and sew on my patch. I am looking forward to the fact that this will be like my BSG jumpsuit, in that it is one of the most comfortable costumes that exists. The other costumes I am taking this year are my BSG Deck suit, BSG Marine, possibly my Resident Evil Centurion, and if I get it finished, my Green BSG BDUs. Add in my kilts, and a few T-shirts and I will be set for the duration of the con.

I will be taking pictures for some of Tom’s articles for GeeksofDoom.com which should be pretty cool as well. Overall, I am mainly ready for a vacation and a chance to get to hang out with the friends and fellow geeks that I normally only get to see once a year.

Current Music: BSG Season 4.0 Soundtrack

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