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Downtown on the Pedestrian Bridge

On saturday, I headed downtown with a couple of other photographers to just do some shooting of the skyline at dusk. We shot from the pedestrian bridge. It turns out that we picked quite a night, as there was a George Clinton concert at Riverfront Park, so we at least had some nice funk music in the background. I haven’t gone through my pictures that I got from my 7D yet, but at least from the LCD that evening I think that I got some decent shots. I did look through the shots that I took with my G12 today and edited a couple on my ipad. I have been trying to shoot with my G12 on a more consistent basis, which I have not been keeping up with like I have hoped. I am trying to motivate myself to shoot on a more regular basis, and since I carry my G12 with me most of the time, I really have no excuse to not be using it more. Here are a couple of pictures.

Click the Images for a Larger version.

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