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Last night at DK

Well I worked at DK last night for the first time since I left at the end of July. It was kind of scary. I felt like I didn’t know where anything was since the store had moved stuff around so much, didn’t know how to work the phones, as they put in a new phone system, and felt that I wasn’t able to answer questions adequately. I had 2 people ask what the big selling board game had been so far this season, and 2 ask for books that were hot. I really didn’t have an answer to either question. It didn’t help that it was busy and I was scheduled at the information desk solo. I think that after Thursday, I will probably take my name off of the on call list. The bookstore business is a timely thing, and I am not the type who doesn’t like to work if I can’t offer proper educated service. I will probably try to help with inventory or something like that, but regular working on the floor, I think at the end of this week, that will be the end.

On another note, when I got to work yesterday, I had a pan of brownies sitting on my desk thanking me for helping someone out. I thought they were joking when they said that they were going to bring me brownies. I tried to give them out to folks at work, but no one really wanted any, I took them to DK with me, and after all of that, I still have 1/4 a pan. I didn’t think that was possible with a pan of brownies, but I guess that I was wrong.

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Weekend Recap

This was a great weekend. On Friday I got off 4 hours early from work, where they gave everyone a check for 100 bucks. I then purchased Rock Band and had a fun evening of playing that. It is a very frustrating game.

Saturday we had our Secret Santa get together, and then Jess, Maria and I headed to the annual Santa Rampage where we met up with Chris Lee for some bar hopping good times through downtown Nashville. This is where everyone gets in a full Santa suit and bar hops. There were at least 150 people there. It was a blast. This included everyone doing the Charlie Brown dance to Christmas carols. We got a video of Jess doing it on her camera. I am sure she will post that soon. We stayed there for about 3 hours or so and then headed home. We didn’t want to get trashed etc, but we all definitely want to do it again next year.

Today was spent relaxing and doing some reorganization of the living room in order to make room for the Rock Band drum set. I am not done with that as I need some help carrying some bookcases upstairs, but it is close. I have also been clearing out some boxes and stuff out of my project room in order to have room to place the bookcases upstairs. It is more than a couple of day process, but at least I got it started this weekend.

I am going to be working at DK this week M-Th from 7-10 each night. It will be nice to have some extra spending money when that check comes in. My scooter should be getting out of the shop towards the end of this week to which makes me happy. I want to be able to start commuting on it again.

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So I guess I can finally post about this here

So today I tended my resignation to DK. On Monday August 20, I will start at Ardent, where both Todd and Todd work. It is kind of sad knowing that I will be leaving DK, but very fulfilling at the same time. I hate to leave my coworkers in a lurch, but I have to do what is best for me.

My new job is about the same distance from my house as my current job, just in the opposite direction up Hillsboro.

This also really makes me feel better for a purchase that I made on Sunday. I bought this.

My jeep drinks a lot of gas, and I realized that most of the driving I do is around town, which is where my car doesn’t do so hot on miles per gallon. I really don’t have to worry about that now. I should get between 65 and 80 miles per gallon or something like that with this. It cost a whopping 7.50 to fill it up, since I used premium. I love riding it too. I have to get a license within the next 30 days, and add it to insurance, but it is a blast so far.

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13 Hours and counting

It is around 13 hours until it is released. I just got back from Kroger with provisions for the night/day of reading that lies ahead. Mainly sandwich stuff, and Sobe Adrenaline rush. My guess is that I will get home around 1:!5-1:30 tonight. I figure that by the time I take out Sirius, and possibly Bella if she is here too, I will start reading at 2:00. OOTP took me 15 hours. HBP around 13. I am figuring that I will finish the book around 1:00 on Saturday. I will then be in shock and try to sleep for a couple of hours, before calling, texting, posting to anyone I know who has finished it in order to discuss.

I think that everything is ready for the book release event tonight. I need to post pictures of the Quidditch pitch that I made, and the broom that accompanies it. Yesterday was spent sitting about 3 feet away from 1600 copies of the book that I was not allowed to open a box. That was some sort of hell. It will be very bittersweet to read the book, as it is the end. I finished up OOTP and HBP on audio, so I am ready to dig in, now that I remember what happened in HBP. It is amazing how much that you can forget from a book.

Time to head to a job interview. Yea I know, the timing is about the worst day ever, but they really wanted me to come in this week. It is the same company as before, and they finally called me in for a 2nd interview. Now granted, I love my new position at work, but this one would pay more, and be in the tech field, which is what I am wanting to pursue. Here’s to a busy day.

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Aftermath of the interview

I feel good about the interview. It was only 30 minutes long, but the guy who is the supervisor of the area who was walking me out said, “Wow that was a record, 30 minutes in and out.” I ask, “Is that a record good thing or bad thing?” his reponse, “Very good thing. Normally they are over an hour and they keep asking questions like they are trying to pry something out of you. If they are short, then it seems like you answer their questions and give them enough information the first go round.”

With all of that said, I am now just in a waiting pattern I guess. It could be a day, or it could be a month.(I say that as Todd had to wait about that long after his interview to hear back) For now, I will still keep doing my DK thing. That is another interesting issue that comes up. Do I want to try to stay on call at DK if I get this job, and they will have me? That would be some nice icing on the cake to work a weekend day or an offsite event when I am not out of town. Extra money towards a costume or gas would never be a bad thing.

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