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Geeks of Doom Dragon*Con Coverage Wrap-up

Well all of the Geeks of Doom coverage has finally been posted, so here is a collection of links.

20 Cosplay Babes of Dragoncon 2010 Part 1

20 Cosplay Babes of Dragoncon 2010 Part 2

Costumed Men of Dragoncon 2010

Dragoncon 2010 Avengers Cosplay Photo Gallery

30 More Cosplay Babes of Dragoncon 2010 Part 3

40 Notable Photos from Dragoncon 2010

For all of the GeeksofDoom Dragon*Con coverage, check out http://geeksofdoom.com/category/dragoncon/

We tried to do a bigger variety of coverage this year, and hope that we succeeded in covering what people like to see. If you have suggestions of what we should aim to shoot next year, please leave a comment.

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Dragon*Con 2010 Saturday

Here are the pictures that I was able to take on Saturday.

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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Dragon*Con 2010 Friday

Friday was a mixture of roaming around the con, and then doing some lighting setups for head shots at the Ladies of Gotham shoot which led to shooting the Ironman group that evening. I shot individual shots, and Chase ended up shooting the big group shots.

Here are some samples.

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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Dragon*Con Prep Begins

Well we are at 37 days until Dragon*Con, and I have been trying to narrow down plans for what I want to try and shoot while at the con. I should be shooting for Geeks of Doom again this year, so once the final schedule is out, that will determine what panels etc need to be shot, so that leaves the various group shoots to sort through.

As of now I plan to go to the Ladies of DC photoshoot on Friday evening, and then the slave Leia shoot on Saturday. Other than that, I am pretty much undecided about what other shoots to attend. Any shoots that you suggest are can’t miss?

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8 Days and Counting

Well the time is getting closer to my vacation for the year known at Dragon*Con. While finding other costume parts, I found my green BDUs that I had planned on modding for last years d*c, and decided that I should go ahead and do that for this year. As of right now, i have one shoulder patch on correctly, and one that needs to be seam ripped out and redone. I then need to do the buckles and all of that, but it shouldn’t take long. I was worried about the strapping being too dark, but then found an old belt type thing from something in my costume stuff that happens to be 1″ olive straps that are perfect.

My Lostume is mostly done, but I am still waiting for a patch to arrive. I ordered one from Patchgeeks.com on August 4th, and it has yet to arrive. Jen is sending me an extra one she had, so I should have a patch of some variety. I will be wearing the Lostume with everyone starting on Friday morning of con, so it would be a big time crunch trying to get to the dealers room first thing.

In other news, I will be shooting officially for GeeksofDoom.com taking pictures for the articles that TechGonzo writes. I am not sure of what panels this will entail, but there is time to get all of that figured out. I know that I will be shooting the Rebel Legion photo, the Slave Leia photo shoot, and the Harley/Ivy shoot. I am going to try to make it to as many of the big photo shoots as possible as it will be a good chance to use the wide angle lens I am renting for the week.

I still need to do my booze shopping as well as actually packing my stuff. My goal is to be packed completely by Monday so that it will be out of the way. It is always easy to pack for d*c, as it is costumes and then some regular clothes to wear on the way home. We are leaving early Wednesday morning, will get to ATL, do the grocery store shopping that is needed, and will then be heading to geek trivia with the fleet that night before heading to the hotel early Thursday morning. The goal is to get checked in early and have some time to chill before getting in line for our badges when the doors open that afternoon. I really can’t wait. Can we just fast forward the next week?

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