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Scarlet really needs a new pair of shoes

Well on Saturday Tech helped me install new front brakes and rotors on Scarlet. During this process he noticed that I had the wrong type of jack included with my car. I didn’t think that much about it until today when I got a flat tire and realized that I probably shouldn’t try to change my tire with a jack that wasn’t made to lift my car. I am glad that it wasn’t one of my 2 new tires that had the 2 inch screw in it.

was gracious enough to give me a ride to the store to buy a decent jack so that I could put on my spare. I am really hating Carmax. I have just had too many problems with my car.

In other news, I am watching Breakfast at Tiffanys for the first time. It isn’t bad so far.

I had a nice low key birthday this year. Thanks to all those who participated etc.

I am ready to get back to riding my bike. I think that the weather on Sunday will allow for the first ride of the season.

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Interesting Customer day

Today was a kind of interesting day in regards to my first couple of customers. The first point of interest who called and was looking for a book about Lance Armstrong. Now since I have read pretty much the whole cycling section, I think that she got much more information than she could have hoped for. I gave her some titles to look at when she came in later on in the day. I happened to be there when she brought a couple up to the information desk with her son who needed the book, and she was soo thankful for all of the information and suggestions. I felt like I had done my job.

The second customer of note was the one who came up to the information desk and asked for a book on…costuming. When I said what type, she gave me an odd look, and then I explained that I was a costumer, and then 15 minutes of conversation about costuming later, I felt once again like I had done a good job for the day.

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