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I passed

Well I had my CCL class yesterday. I passed with top marks. I was planning on heading to the DMV tomorrow to do my paperwork, but forgot that it is President’s day, so I will have to go on Tuesday. I fill out the papers, pay my money, go get fingerprinted, and should then get my card within 90 days after that. This will give me time to find a good concealable holster as well as get proper ammunition for day to day carry. I have been doing LOTS of reading on all of these subjects online, and I have my choices narrowed down on all accounts. It has been a great experience. I feel like I have been learning so much on all of these different subjects. Well pretty much I am in the waiting game portion of the whole process. Good times.

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In preparation for my CCL

Yesterday I went to the gun shop to see where I will be doing my CCL class. I also took my 9mm for them to look at to see if they could figure out why it would jam so frequently. The Guy at the shop figured out that it had a really tight chamber. It still wasn’t something that I would use for carry and my Ruger is really too large for carry so I had started looking for something as my carry weapon. I talked to the guy at the store, and later on that day, I left the owner of a new gun. I traded in my Ruger and Astra for a Glock 23.

This is what I had been researching to eventually get as my carry weapon, and I couldn’t be happier. As my last entry of the first target I shot with it shows, I was easily able to fire it well.

I am ready to get my class taken care of so that I can start carrying on a regular basis.

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