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Battlestar Galactica Marine

I finally got around to having some pictures taken of my BSG marine. Here are a couple of shots.

I am waiting for my knife to arrive, and I couldn’t find my headset when we were taking the pictures.

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My next costume

I have decided what my next costume will be. I will be making a BSG marine costume. Here are a couple of pictures of what it looks like.

Now granted, I will just look like a random soldier, but this will be great to have at conventions, especially since we have a few cylon costumers in our local group. I also have a dual purpose, in that many parts of this costume will work for airsoft, which I really want to start playing. I hope to have it done by Halloween.

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Dragon*Con and other stuff

Well it is hard to believe that Dragon*Con was only a week ago. I had a blast this year. The deck suits that I made were a huge success and and I ended up winning Best Disheveled Colonials at the Colonial Fleet costume contest. We put on the suits on Thursday night and instantly people wanted our pictures. This is also when I had my first encounter with Aaron Douglass. I was in the Hyatt and someone was taking my picture. I felt a tap on my shoulder and heard, Awesome costume man. I turned and said thanks, and then realized who it was who had complimented me. It was Aaron. I said thanks again, and that got my whole weekend off to a badass start. When at the BSG party, Aaron looked at our suits and said, “These are scarily accurate, and I feel like I should be at work.” That was about the best compliment that I could have gotten.

We also busted out the toaster child that we carried around for a while, and people just loved it.

Our full BSG group.

I also became a tattoo artist on She needed the tattoo for her Starbuck costume, and here is what I drew for her.

Everything else was a blast, and I don’t really want to take the time to write about it more. Needless to say, I had a blast.

The new job is going well, and I am almost in full swing of things. I think that I am going to like it, so that is a good thing.

Here is the other thing that I recently added to my living room. I finally broke down and got a real TV. I got a 56″ HD tv with a HD-DVD player. Here is a picture.

I christened it with 300 and V for Vendetta in HD, and now have settled down to watching BSG season 1. It is like having my own personal movie theater. I love it.

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Just call me Chief

Here is a quick picture of Chief and Cally which are about 97% done. All that is left is the shoulder patches and the green webbing that needs to be added to the left thigh on each suit.

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I have to say that 300 by far was one of the best movies that I have seen in the past few years. I saw it on IMAX today and I was simply in awe. I won’t give details as I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone, but I will say this. Go see 300. See it in IMAX if possible.

My guess is that I will see it at least 3 times total in the theaters if not more. I hope there is an extended director’s cut as well once it comes out on DVD.

Speaking of DVD, Eragon comes out on DVD in 2 weeks. I am interested to see the extra stuff that comes with that one.

I am almost caught up with Heroes. I have 4 more episodes to watch. I will call myself a fan now.

Time for Battlestar.

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