Resident Evil Afterlife Holster

If you are interested in one of these, please shoot me an email to

Update as of 9/30
There are a total of 4 rigs that I am currently working on. As of right now, all 4 belts, and leg strap holders have been oiled and are currently drying. I have 2 backs and 4 holsters cut out, the rest of the holsters and other 2 back pieces should be cut out tomorrow, beveled, and ready for oiling.

Update as of 9/29
I am currently working on two rigs right now. Estimated build time for each rig is 2 weeks, but there is always a chance that I will get them finished in a shorter time frame. It really depends on how long each coat of dye and sealant takes to dry etc.

Update as of 9/28
I just received an order for a second rig which I will start this evening while working on my existing order.

Update as of 9/24
Just had an order placed for a rig which I will get leather for today and start cutting pieces out over the weekend.

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