Great TN Airshow 2011

This last weekend I went to the Great TN Airshow. This was my first ever airshow to attend, and I had a great time shooting it. I went with Jason who is a regular airshow shooter, and we got tickets for the flight line club which was directly across from where the Thunderbirds were parked. Another person there did catch a great shot of us shooting, as we apparently had synchronized lens movements as we were following the planes in flight.

Synchronized shooters

I knew that I would be shooting quite a bit that day, so threw my laptop in the jeep just in case I would need to dump memory cards during the day, and boy am I glad that I did that. Throughout the show, I was shooting RAW, and ended up shooting just over 101 gigs of pictures totaling about 4100 frames. I know many of those won’t be keepers, but I should have some nice keepers mixed in. I still have most of the pictures to go through, but I did get some of the static shots edited and posted last night. I will add an update after all of the pictures are uploaded, but here is what I have posted so far.

Reflection off of a prop

The Corsair, probably my favorite plane of the day

Thunderbird 1

The rest of the pictures can be seen at

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