ConNooga 2011

This past weekend was ConNooga which is held in Chattanooga, TN. I was on the photo staff for the convention, so I shot quite a bit, and had a great time. The two main events that I shot were the Music City Burlesque performance, and then the Leather and Lace fashion show. I can’t post pictures from either of these events yet, as both groups asked that they be able to view the images before they were posted anywhere. Once I hear back, I will post a few selected shots of both events.

I am working on getting the other images posted online, as I totaled right at 2000 images for the weekend which I am weeding down. I expect to have some pictures up here soon. I did learn a bit of a lesson while shooting the con. The burlesque and fashion show were back to back, so between 4 burlesque dancers with a couple of songs each, and about 10 ladies doing the fashion show, each with 5 outfits, I was shooting non stop for about 3 hours. My arms felt a little bit like jelly in the end, but I am happy with the shots I was able to take.

I know that I handed out cards to a few people, so if you are looking for a certain shot that you know that I took, please shoot me an email to and I will see what I can find for you.

This was only my second time at ConNooga, and my first time shooting staff, but I will definitely be doing it again next year if they will have me back.

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