Travelling Nightmare

This morning i left to go to Tulsa for a few days for work. Today has overall, been a terrible travel day. I had the joy of sitting in an airplane at the gate for over an hour in St. Louis while apparently someone fro me the previous flight was arrested, so my 50 minute flight turned into an almost 2.5 hour flight. Once i finally got to Tulsa, my iPad gps took me to the wrong side of the city, so i got to tour the greater Tulsa area on small backroads. Elapse to 6:30 when I finally get to my hotel, which was clocking on a 14 hour day to find out that somehow the hotel managed to sell out except for one room, a smoking room. They apologized and said they would move me to another room tomorrow, so i wasn’t happy but I said that I would try to deal. Upon walking into the room, I instantly started coughing. I called the front desk and said that this really isn’t going to work, but due to this being a company direct bill situation, I don’t have many options of what can be done. The one big kink is that there is some sort of baseball tournament in town so there are no rooms available anywhere else either. I am just going to leave stuff in my rental car tonight and get clothes in throning so that they do not smell like smoke. I still smell the smoke on what i am wearing just from the hour i was in the room waiting for the manager to call me back, which never happened as I just got calls back from the front desk clerk. I went to Walgreens and got some candles to try and make it through the night without my lungs dying. I plan to seek out a nice hurt to heart with the manager in the morning before heading to work to make sure that this is resolved in my favor. Their guarantee is 100 percent satisfaction or the night is free, so I expect them to hold up to that even though it will really be my company who benefits, not me.

I still need to do some research to figure out what there is here to take some pictures of when i leave work tomorrow. I figure that there has to be something worthwhile, and i plan to find what that is. I just hope that the rest of my travel and hotel time goes smoothly.

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