Woes of the web

On Monday I had the second big issue since my hosting was switched from CI Host to My site was up and working when I awoke, and I got ready and then refreshed a page on my site, and instantly got errors that the page was not working. I contact support and expect them to deal with it promptly, as this took my site, as well as anything that connects to a MySQL database out of commission.

Elapse 7 hours later, and 5 times of contacting tech support, as well as the cancellation department for the web host, and my site was finally back up. I had a similar issue happen the first week of August, and I was down for a little over 20 hours. Sadly I had just paid for this quarter and was told there was no guarantee that I would get my money back, so I am going to remain with my current host for at least the next 3 months, and then switch to a different provider at that time. Any company that says you will be company that says 24-48 hours is an acceptable time frame for these this type of error is pretty much unacceptable.

Currently I am looking at possibly going to Media Temple, as I have some friends from back in Houston who now work for them out in Los Angeles and I trust their opinions. If you have any other suggestions, please pass them along, as I have a couple of months to research at the very least.

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