D*C Approaches

Well Dragon*Con is less than 40 days away. I finally got around to ordering what I need for my one new costume this year. I am not going for anything elaborate, but I did opt to get all of the screen accurate brand variations to make my costume as correct as possible. I am making a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit. I have decided to have mine read either Photographer or Historian, as I will probably be doing that more picture taking than costuming this year. I won’t be able to get everything assembled until I am back from round two of being in Albuquerque, but all that will be left is to get my embroidery done and sew on my patch. I am looking forward to the fact that this will be like my BSG jumpsuit, in that it is one of the most comfortable costumes that exists. The other costumes I am taking this year are my BSG Deck suit, BSG Marine, possibly my Resident Evil Centurion, and if I get it finished, my Green BSG BDUs. Add in my kilts, and a few T-shirts and I will be set for the duration of the con.

I will be taking pictures for some of Tom’s articles for GeeksofDoom.com which should be pretty cool as well. Overall, I am mainly ready for a vacation and a chance to get to hang out with the friends and fellow geeks that I normally only get to see once a year.

Current Music: BSG Season 4.0 Soundtrack

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