Afterthoughts of the move

Aside from my recent move, I had been in the same residence for 8 years. In that time, I accumulated quite a few things, as well as took up some hobbies that require a large storage area for each of the necessary items that pertain to them. I also learned that I had so much junk that could have been thrown away quite some time ago, that I finally ditched, and I know that there are other things that will meet this fate as well, once I get done going through boxes and deciding if this is something that I really need to keep.

Right now, my garage is baring the brunt of the move. I used it as a staging ground in order to clean off dust/dog hair from stuff before taking it inside to find a new home. The process is slow, mainly due to the fact that by the time I get home in the evening, I just want to get some dinner, watch a little TV, and then sleep. I am trying to make a big dent in getting things settled this week, as I will be out of town next weekend, and won’t be able to do any of it then. I need to get all of this taken care of, so that I will have room for my next line of expenses of a lawnmower, and weedeater, as the grass has started to turn from brown to green, and my lawncare saga will need to begin soon.

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