It is hard to clean behind a toilet

I have started the packing process, and along with packing comes more intensive cleaning than would occur on a normal basis. I learned this when trying to clean behing my toilet. My master bathroom has a small nook that holds the throne, and there is not an easy way to clean the floor or the back of the bowel etc. I think that I could go my whole life without attempting that again, well until I have moved and have to get the condo ready to rent or sell that is.

Packing is going very slow. This daunting task presents itself as mission impossible, as I pack a box, and it looks like I have not even started. I have been sorting through stuff, and I see a big trip to goodwill in my future, as well as some very full trash cans for the next few weeks.

I think I have decided that the easiest way to deal with some of this stuff is to just mark what I am leaving here when I move. I can then come back and deal with that stuff after I am settled in the new place. I hope this plan works, as I hate having to do work again if I can help it.

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