Leverage, LOST, and xBox

After finishing up Dexter, I needed something to watch, so I started watching Leverage. I had heard Stephen from granades.com and of Whatthecast mention this on one of the podcast episodes, and I have to agree with his view that this is a great show. There is just something about con artists who con other con artists. It is very Dexteresque in that the main character only targets like minded targets. I am four episodes in so far, and I can’t believe how quickly the hour passes. I have the other 4 episodes downloaded, and hope to get them finished soon.

Last night was the long awaited 2 hour LOST premiere. Once again, there were many IMs, texts and tweets to people that mainly consisted of the letters W, T and F. I am interested to see where the the show is headed and will eagerly look forward to each Wednesday night for the foreseeable future.

About a year ago, my buddy told me about the program called Connect360. This “tricks” the xbox into thinking that a mac is a pc which allows for content to be streamed to the xbox. The other day, I finally took the time to update my software, and try it out for videos on my xbox, since the xbox can now handle divx movies. Needless to say, I am in love. This is what saved me over this week while I was under a pile of blankets on the couch. Being able to watch downloaded programs on my 56″ tv vs my 15″ laptop was a blessing. If you have a mac and a 360, then check out this software. it was well worth the 20 bucks.

I had another friend call me this afternoon offering me a pass to go and see the new Underworld screener tonight. I am excited. Granted it isn’t Kate Beckinsale, but the main actress did a good job in Doomsday, so I am hopeful. I will post my thoughts on it either later on tonight, or tomorrow.

Current Music: NCIS

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