Road Trip Day 2

We took our time in getting on the road on Sunday. This is where I discover what happened to my gloves. I put my jacket back on, and I feel some pressure on my chest. I then look down and realize that there is indeed one pocket that I had not looked in. The funny part about this, is that I remembered that when we were at the Bowling Green dealership, I commented to Todd on the fact that I had a pocket on my jacket that I didn’t know about. This was the pocket that I had put the gloves in. So since I had just learned it was there, it never crossed my mind to look in it, as I didn’t remember that it existed. Of course, I had removed the tag off of the gloves that I bought, so I am stuck with them. They are now my backup gloves that will live in my travel bag.

We ride for about an hour and then get to Knob Creek. I had heard of this phenom for a while, but you really can’t understand it until you are there. One of my friends described it at Dragon*Con for machine guns, and he is right. There was every sort of gun imaginable there, and who knows how many thousands of dollars of ammo that were expelled per minute. They had vendors selling everything you could ever want. You could also rent guns to fire at the range, which i did not have money to do this time, but I will be prepared for the next time that I go. For instance, for a mere 30 dollars, you could fire 3 shots of a M203 grenade launcher. Need I say more?

I got some great pictures and videos of the shooters letting loose. We stayed there for a little under 2 hours and then got back on the road. We stopped at HD in BG again for Todd to return the glasses he got for some different ones, and then headed back home. We were on 31W the whole way back, which had us end up riding down Broadway after crossing the river, which was a kind of cool way to end the trip.

It was a great experience, and now I really want to plan and head out on a nice solo ride to somewhere. I will probably plan a trip somewhere that I will be able to camp just to add in a different experience.

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