My name is Derek, and I am a bad LJ updater

I haven’t updated in a while. I will write a real update later, but here are the cliff notes.

I still love the iphone.
I am having a house built in Brentwood that should be finished in March or April.
I went to Dragon*Con and had a blast with the fleet.
I traded my 1911 for a Sig 229.
I had my 10 year HS reunion.
My hometown looks completely different than what I remember.
My parents house in Houston, avoided major damage, but I spoke to them this morning, and they did have water get in half of the house from what they can see now. The fridge defrosted, and filled the kitchen with water. They can’t check anything else yet, as there is still no power there, and it is only 6:00 there and not enough light to really see inside the house. There is a huge tree limb where my dad normally parks his jeep. They had moved it somewhere else while they were gone, that turned out to me a smart decision.

I will do a real update later, I promise.

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