Tomorrow is 1 week

Well tomorrow is one week from when I filed my paperwork. I am going to get very impatient by the time my permit arrives in the mail. I really just want to start carrying now, but I don’t want to get in trouble. I do wear it around my house to get used to carrying it, but it is hard to remember that I am not allowed to go out in public with my gun on. I have been reading how long some people have had to wait on a Tennessee CCL forum, and the average wait time is about 5 weeks. I am hoping that since I am in Nashville, it will be on the low side of the spectrum, but I guess that is to be seen.

I did go out to the range on Saturday and put about 200 rounds into paper. I am really getting to the point of shooting very consistently. I do tend to shoot a little low and to the left of where I am aiming, but I do so regularly. I either need to change my stance some, or just aim a touch high and to the right.

I should be picking up my Glock 27 on Friday. I am really looking forward to giving it some range time. It is a sub compact, so it will take some getting used to.

I am at Portland Brew right now, and it is crowded with very loud people. Not exactly my idea of a nice evening at the coffee shop. Well so far none of my crew has arrived yet, so I guess it is back to surfing the net.

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