My new toy

Well last night I did go and get my new airsoft gun. It is a M249 SAW. It is quite a beauty. I am thinking that I am going to name it “Your Mom” so that I can tell people they were shot by their mom. That will probably change though. I went into the store today and upgraded the internal barrel and the spring, so it is shooting approx 450 feet per second. I can’t wait to use it in a game. Here is a little teaser picture.

I am sure that this will also be a nice help to the team. She is a heavy girl, but I think that I will get used to carrying it around. The fact that it holds 2500 rounds at a time is another nice perk.

I think the sickness didn’t quite catch on, as I felt fine today. I have determined that it was the mexican food that I had for dinner last night that cured me.

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