Weekend wrap-up

Well this was a great weekend. On Saturday, and I headed to the TN Renaissance Festival. We hung out with Ivan and Summer and got to see Joe and who are part of the cast. We went to most all of the shows etc. It was a good time. Ivan had a new Robin of Locksley costume. We were talking and decided that I could be Friar Tuck. I figured that I could make it with some stuff that I had at home.

After we left the faire, we went to ‘s reception for her teaching graduation. Congrats again Erin. I borrowed a couple of robe patterns from and headed home to try to make a Friar robe for the following day. When I was looking through what fabric I had, I found a robe that I had started to make a while back at a sewing day that I had forgotten about. It had one deep emperor sleeve on it and that was about it. I pulled that sleeve off, which conveniently became the hood for my robe, made some sleeves, and after about 2 hours of work, here is what I came up with. Friar Tuck version 1.0.

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