I was nudged

I was nudged that I hadn’t updated in a while. I read my friends list multiple times a day, but I always forget to add stuff myself.

Last weekend was MidSouth Con which was lots of fun. Corey let me don his screen used Starship Trooper costumes for the weekend so I was able to be part of Roki’s Roughnecks and part of the Tigers jumpball team. I am sad to report that Bad Santa was retired, mainly because it was smelly and it said on the tag, do not wash. My new cheap but loved costume was uncle fester. I used my emperor underrobe and since my head is shaved, it was easy to do. I was very recognizable, as I had a lightbulb with me to go in my mouth. I am now trying to get the bulb to shine when I put it into my mouth which I am close to having work as I would like for it to.

I have been keeping my head razor shaved for about 2 weeks now, and I am liking it. I have been told that I should keep it that way, and as of now I plan to for a while.

I am getting pretty close on having Red Star ready for MTAC. I ordered the last parts that I need this morning minus a few black pouches that I am sure that I will have no problem scrounging up at the last minute. Hopefully it will turn out alright. I’m not really planning on taking anything else to MTAC, so I need to make sure that this one looks good.

Weather permitting I will be taking my first bike ride of the year tomorrow. The last couple of times that I have wanted to go, I have either not gotten home in time or have been out of town. I really need to get back into a regular riding schedule.

One final note for who will be in Nashville for MTAC, Teavana opened here today.

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